After the first webinar in our Inspirational Thursdays series about segmentation, our Success Manager, Charlotte Cornetti, has presented a second webinar entitled: “How can Qualifio help you engage your community?”. In case you missed the webinar, we’ve listed in this article the key takeaways.

? If you prefer to watch the webinar replay, it’s right here.

What is engagement?

According to Bruno Patino’s book, “La civilisation du poisson rouge“, the attention span of a goldfish is eight seconds. Can you guess what an average human’s attention span is in the digital age? Barely nine seconds.

Capturing consumers’ attention has become the hobby horse of marketing professionals. And even more so when you know that today’s consumers are seeing around 3,000 messages a day and remembering an average of 4 of them. To attract these hyper-connected and overwhelmed consumers who are spending more time than ever online, brands need to think outside the box.

This is where engagement marketing comes in. Engagement marketing is the use of strategic, resourceful content to engage people and create meaningful interactions over time [Source: Marketo]. The goal of engagement marketing is to:

  • Capture the consumer’s attention;
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors;
  • Make consumers more loyal and profitable.

Why should you be using interactive content?

Guess what? Compared to static content or intrusive ads, interactive content enables you to create meaningful interactions with your community.

By reusing game concepts such as point accumulation, rewards and catchy designs, interactive content has proven to be an excellent strategy to:

  • Boost user engagement;
  • Improve your brand visibility;
  • Build audience loyalty.

The more original and fun your content is, the more satisfied your users will be. Meaning they’ll probably share it with their network and come back to your channels.

? If you haven’t read it yet, check out our ebook with 10 actions to increase your audience engagement and build lasting relationships.


How can you measure engagement?

Alongside your goals, it’s crucial to have the right metrics to know how well your content is performing. Here are some metrics you should be using to correctly measure how engaging your content is:

  • Time spent on page,
  • Number of page views,
  • Number of participants,
  • Newsletter subscriptions,
  • Social shares,
  • Likes,
  • Etc.

According to a Gigya study in cooperation with partners like Pepsi, Nike and Dell, using interactive content on your website boosts comments by 13%, social sharing by 22% and engagement metrics by 100% to 150% (unique views, page views, community activities, time on site).

How can you use Qualifio for audience engagement?

We’ll now show you some Qualifio features that you can use to increase your audience engagement.

1. Involve your community in memorable events

Despite stadium closures, the Spanish basketball team, Baskonia Alavés, engaged its fans by encouraging them to build a giant mosaic with their pictures to support the team. Via a photo contest launched on its digital channels, Baskonia Alavès managed to gather hundreds of photos!

? Discover how to create a user-generated contest with photos, videos, GIFs or texts.


In the same vein, Toulouse Football Club stood out with a money can’t buy experience, promoted on its social media. Through a prize draw, the football club gave a fan the opportunity to win a jersey and pizzas delivered directly to their home to watch the team’s match. But that’s not all. Alongside the football team’s community manager, the winner could also comment on the game live on the team’s official Twitter account.

? Like Toulouse Football Club, discover how to publish a Qualifio campaign on Instagram.


2. Offer an original digital experience

Let’s take an example from OCS to illustrate this point. The television network launched a campaign full of challenges to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Game of Thrones. Via a centralised landing page built for the occasion, participants could play a memory game, a swiper game and a “guess who?” game for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

? Click here if you want to know how to create a landing page or here if you want to know how to make a “guess who?” game based on a blurred image.


To offer an original digital experience to your community, you can also create an online escape game thanks to a quiz with instant answer check. Try the campaign for yourself ⬇️


If you don’t have the internal resources, you can get in touch with our Studio team to create a unique campaign tailored to your needs, like UGC France or AS Monaco.


3. Give your community a voice

Ask for your community’s opinions to show them that they matter and use these insights to personalise your marketing communications. That’s what UGC Belgium did. To get ready for the cinemas reopening, UGC launched a voting campaign. Participants had to “swipe” left or right to vote for their favourite movies. The prize? The chance to win two cinema tickets and have their favourite films selected for when the cinemas reopened. An excellent way to know their audiences’ preferences and adapt their program accordingly.

? Have a look at our FAQ to create a swiper campaign like UGC!


4. Increase your campaign’s virality

The French eCommerce website Oscaro organised an online egg hunt full of prizes for Easter thanks to a hidden object campaign. To increase participations and its brand visibility, Oscaro enabled participants to share its campaign on Facebook via a share button and gave them an extra chance to participate in the egg hunt. The results?

  • 12,000 participations
  • 2,000 Facebook shares

? Qualifio provides options for managing social sharing options for your campaigns. Find out here how to manage the social media settings in Qualifio.


5. Give them a reason to come back

This can easily be done via a digital calendar. You can create a calendar for any event (sports competition, corporate events, festivals, etc.), choose the number of boxes you want to display and the content you want to put behind. In the example below, we used the calendar format to highlight some Olympic sports. Get inspired for your next campaigns or have a look at this article to discover how our users are using the calendar to engage their audiences.


As you can see, engagement marketing and interactive content are key to capturing the consumer’s attention and even more so in a cookieless world.

To download the presentation slides or watch the webinar replay, it’s right here!