Quizzes, polls & votes, photo contests, predictions, writing competitions, sudden deaths, video contests, surveys, memory games, battles, personality tests and many more.

You have a campaign coming but you don’t have the internal resources to create it? Our Studio can help you!

We create your campaign from A to Z, based on your briefing and your content, within 5 working days. Save time and rely on our expert team of designers; they know the tool better than anyone else! We take care of your campaign’s look and feel and we integrate your content (texts, images, rules, etc.) We can also provide you with reporting and statistics, as well as deliver your leads in the format you need (xls, csv, xml, etc.)

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Exclusive formats by Studio Swelly

The Studio also gives you access to some exclusive formats of social campaigns. These formats are not available through our current back office and have additional features. Discover these exclusive campaign types:

Social Vote

Unlike the classic poll format, this campaign type offers the possibility to vote with a personalised tweet or Facebook share.


This type of campaign offers the possibility to vote for one or more candidates in different categories. After the selection, the participant can share it on their social media through a unique URL. This format provides real-time statistics on the most popular candidates as well as numerous other features.


This type of campaign allows the participants to create a wishlist containing different products from different categories. After they completed their list, the participants can share it on social media through a unique URL. Real-time statistics on the most popular candidates are available on this campaign format, as well as numerous other features.

Hashtag Battle

With this campaign type, your audience can decide between two candidates (or two athletes, products, celebrities, etc.) by voting with a tweet or a Facebook share and a dedicated hashtag.

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