Between Christmas and New Year, the end of the year is the ideal time for your brand to shine! The magical season offers infinite marketing opportunities waiting to be seized. Whether your goal is to engage your audience, boost your brand visibility or collect valuable first- and zero-party data, it’s a moment not to be missed!

That’s why, after the success of our end-of-year actions from previous years, we decided to create and launch another one in December 2023. Our goal was to create a fun and engaging experience for our customers and prospects while showcasing the possibilities of our platform.

Being on the other side for once and taking part in a campaign, instead of always creating one ourselves, as is usually the case, was the most fun thing about the Qualifio Quizmas Quest. It also gave us a few new inspirations along the way.

Janina Neuman Head of Digital @ Star FM

Qualifio Quizmas Quest: highlights and feedback 

What was it about? 

  • An exclusive reward program from December 11th to December 19th 2023 
  • 1 week of Christmas challenges 
  • 1 big champion 👑 (but a lot of winners 😉)

Every day, customers and prospects could participate in a new Christmas-themed quiz to test their knowledge in 5 different categories:

  • TV & movies
  • Music
  • Food & drink
  • History & geography
  • General knowledge

But that was not all! In addition to this daily quiz, members of the reward program could also participate in a bonus game every day showcasing one of our partner companies. Since Qualifio joined the QNTM group last year, this was a fun way for us to introduce the seven companies of the group. 

And what would be a competition without amazing prizes? This edition, participants had the chance to win a range of 72 prizes, among which €50 gift cards, Belgian beers, coffee machines, a Garmin watch and more 🥳


The results

It is now the moment to reveal the results of our Qualifio Quizmas Quest! And when we look at the numbers, we are delighted to see the enthusiasm generated by our program. In just one week, we managed to gather: 

  • 377 members
  • 2,746 participations in the campaigns
  • 42,197 points earned
  • All 72 gifts were redeemed
  • And an infinite amount of fun!

The Qualifio Quizmas Quest was an excellent year-end operation, providing our clients with an engaging experience! It was the occasion to highlight one of our features (the reward programs) and enhance the visibility of sister companies within the QNTM group. This initiative generated significant engagement around our product and rewarded our most loyal customers.

Justine Delieux Customer Success Strategist @ Qualifio

And we have a great news! If you love the concept, are a Christmas enthusiast or simply curious about the program, you can still test it!

Get ready to explore the program and find inspiration for your next campaign! Click here (unfortunately, all prizes are gone, but the excitement continues 😎).

Talking about formats, here is a sneak peek at some of the ones we used in the program 👀

About the formats used

The standard formats

When working on our Qualifio Quizmas Quest, we decided to include a wide range of formats to inspire our customers and prospects. The star of the show? Our quiz format, as we wanted to create the ultimate quiz experience:

  • 7 days
  • 7 quizzes
  • 7 levels
  • 5 questions
  • 5 categories
  • 10 seconds chrono 

Quiz campaigns are incredibly well-received by audiences and offer limitless possibilities. From incorporating images to providing clues or even setting up a chrono, there’s no limit to what you can do!


The gamified and advanced formats

In today’s digital world, interactivity and differentiation are the keys to captivating your audience and driving leads while boosting data collection and enrichment. That’s why, on top of our regular portfolio, we have also developed advanced formats. They are an add-on to your license and include amazing personalisable arcade and skill games 🎮

In order to introduce all of the QNTM companies, we chose to use our gamified and advanced formats, as they are one of the best ways to interact with your audience. 

Some of them included: 

1. Catcher game

The catcher game is one of our most popular advanced formats for our customers. How does it work? Participants need to catch as many objects as possible. Choose your “falling” objects and your recipient and offer your audience an exciting experience!  

Our catcher game introduced Hesehus, Denmark’s leading e-commerce solution provider, specialised in the development of award-winning B2B and B2C webshops. 

Now it is your turn to try it! 

2. Smash it!

Have you ever played a “whack a mole” game? With our smash it! game, you can create your own digital version of the game and personalise it to fit your vision! 

Get ready to play our Qualifio Quizmas Quest version of the game and discover SeenThis, a tech company offering streaming technology to enable faster delivery of digital advertising ads.

Now that you have a wide overview of the Qualifio Quizmas Quest, test it and use it as inspiration for your next campaigns! If you’re having trouble creating a campaign, our talented Studio team is just a message away, ready to bring your idea to life. 

And if you’re new here and are curious about all the possibilities that our platform offers, contact us for a demo request 🤩

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