October rhymes with Halloween and the spooky season! But that’s not the only event Qualifio users made the most of this month to engage their communities and collect precious first-party data. Take a look at our selection of the month: five interactive marketing campaigns created by five different brands. 

1. Let’s go for the World Cup campaigns

The World Cup is only a few days away now, and we’re seeing more and more content created around the championship, especially amongst our Spanish media users! 

Marca’s team selector

Marca, the Spanish daily sports newspaper, asked their readers to vote for the 26 players they would select for the World Cup. Readers could help Luis Enrique in this choice by voting for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. 

The newspaper then displayed the favourite players selected by their community. More than 160,000 readers participated in Marca’s team selector in one month.


Diario AS’ poll

On their side, Diario AS asked their readers the same question, changing the format a bit. The newspaper created a dedicated poll for each position, giving readers the possibility to choose two or three players they would like to see play in Qatar from the 6 players presented. 

To make it easier for participants to vote, Diario AS displayed a short description for each player. We particularly like the design of this campaign, which is not only interactive thanks to the vote, but also thanks to the description of each player, accessible by hovering over their pictures. 

marketing-campaign-october-diario 1

2. The month of catcher games

You may have seen this month’s big news: we’ve launched the “Advanced formats” add-on giving our users access to 3 new customisable games: the catcher and the penalty, and the swap & match, which is coming soon. 

We aim to continuously feed this add-on with more innovative and original games to enable our users to bring their interactive campaigns to the next level.

This month, Nestlé, Currys and Besson Chaussures have chosen the catcher game to engage their audiences, promote their brand and collect data. 

1️⃣ Nestlé launched a catcher for Halloween, daring participants to catch a maximum of Nestlé’s products and avoid the monsters. The top 30 won a Nestlé pack full of gifts!


2️⃣ As part of their 5 week campaign around the World Cup, Currys created a special football catcher game. Players had to put themselves in the shoes of the goalkeeper and catch as many balls as possible while avoiding red cards.


3️⃣ Finally, Besson Chaussures also made the most of this format for their 40th anniversary. More than 40,000 prizes were given away. But not only! After catching as many hearts and shoes as possible, the 500 participants with the best score were included in a big draw to win ski holidays, TVs, gift cards and even a car!


3. Mugler’s swap & match

With the help of our Studio team, Mugler, a l’Oréal brand, chose the swap & match game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their fragrance Angel. The swap & match format was first released as a Studio-only game, available on demand, but our users will soon be able to build it on their own in Qualifio, like our two other advanced formats!

The aim of the game is simple: participants need to swap the ingredients present in Mugler’s fragrance to make a row or a column of at least three identical ingredients. The more objects they match, the more points they score for a chance to win the Angel perfume.