March’s campaigns of the month: Doritos, Solidaris, Andros, Sporza & TV3 Sport

March was a very productive month for our users, which didn’t make the nominations any easier! Engagement, data collection, notoriety or awareness campaigns, users have shown great originality this month. However, a choice had to be made among these new campaigns…

Choosing only 3 campaigns, as for February, was too hard. So, in no particular order, here are the 5 campaigns that caught our attention last month. ?

1. Doritos’ products battle

Doritos is an American brand of tortilla chips owned by the Pepsico group.

A battle is the ideal format to know your audience’s preferences! It takes the shape of one-click polls between two entries. Rather Doritos Natural or Doritos Paprika? Rather Doritos Cheese or Doritos Barbecue?


After choosing their favourite flavour, participants were invited to fill out a form with their data to be taken into account in the draw and try to win one year of free Doritos! Graphs with a ranking of the most popular entries were displayed after the form was sent. The campaign allowed the brand to collect new subscribers to its newsletter through an opt-in in the form.


Tip of the day: like Doritos, if you ask for your customers date of birth in your form, use this information as a loyalty lever later on. Set up a marketing campaign based on your customers birthdays, such as an email offering a voucher or a gift.

Tip of the day #2: to reach a wider audience outside your own, promote your campaigns through paid ads on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)


Play now and win 1 year of free Doritos!

2. Solidaris’ awareness campaign

Solidaris is a Belgian health insurance which defends access to quality health care, at affordable prices for all.

Teeth are for life” is the title of the campaign led by Solidaris. Through a contest to win 5 dental kits worth +/- €60, Solidaris wanted to test its audience’s knowledge of oral hygiene in a fun way.


The last question concerned dental care provided by Solidaris, with a link to the health insurance’s website for more information on the subject.


3. Andros’ 3-in-1 edutainment campaign

Andros is an agro-industrial company and a French brand specialising in the processing of fruit and dairy products into compotes, jams, desserts, yoghurts, etc.

Since January 1st 2019, Andros has been offering a new range of fruit-based desserts under the name Kidifruit. For its new product range, the brand collaborated with Wondercity website, referencing the best of early stimulation and recreational activities for children from 0 to 12 years old. Andros launched thus a campaign throughout March on a dedicated mini-site, promoted on Wondercity. The mini-site included interactive games, coloured pictures to print and a contest to win 1 year of Kidifruit desserts.


Among the game mechanics offered, there are a memory, a guess the word, a puzzle and a quiz in the shape of a labyrinth. Through these games, the brand tries to make its future customers aware of the products it offers without pesticide residues and without added sugars.


4. Sporza’s team selector

Sporza is a multimedia brand of VRT (Belgian radio and television network) specifically for coverage of sporting events.

For the Belgium-Russia game, users had the opportunity to slip into the shoes of the Belgian team’s coach Roberto Martinez. They had to compose their own team, from a list of available players.


Participants then discovered their selection as well as the most popular players. An engagement campaign intended to offer web users a fun and playful time.


Tip: like Sporza, increase your ads revenue by renewing the ads. Each time a participant goes to the next screen of your campaign, the page is refreshed and the ads around are updated automatically.

5. The big TV3 sport contest

TV3 Sport is a Danish sports TV channel.

For Australian Grand Prix, the TV channel created a predictions contest with 7 questions, published on its Facebook page. Participants had to guess the winner of the Grand Prix, predict if a particular driver or car would end up in the top 5, etc. The prize? A Suzuki Swift Sport!


The channel also took the opportunity to add an opt-in to its form and increase the number of subscribers to its newsletter.

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