10 examples of effective interactive marketing formats for Mother’s Day

  • Photo gallery: DYI Mother’s Day craftsDo you want to highlight your products? Create a photo gallery with easy homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day based on your products! Your gallery will serve as inspiration for your users who will have to click on the image of the gift to discover the different steps as well as the products necessary to make it.Plus, the possibilities and applications of this format are almost infinite: gifts from toddlers, recipes, cards, beauty products, jewellry, home decor, custom clothing, knitted or printed items, paper crafts, etc. Yet another proof that Mother’s Day isn’t just an opportunity for brands to sell flowers and chocolate!
  • Personalized Mother’s Day couponsDo you want to collect data? Or rather bring more traffic to your points of sale? Give your users the opportunity to win discount coupons to be redeemed in your stores. It can be as simple as asking for their contact information! Thanks to our newest integration with HighCo Data, your participants will be able to directly print or download their (e)coupons from the end screen of the form!
  • Gift guideHelp your users find THE gift that will finally go beyond the eternal pasta necklace! Create a custom gift guide with your products or those of your advertisers and help your participants discover what they should offer to their beloved mum based on her characteristics and preferences. And with conditional branching options, you will be able to easily adapt the questions of your guide according to the answers of your participants!
  • Quiz: Mum characters on TVCelebrate mums on TV and in film for Mother’s Day with this quiz!What you’ll need: iconic TV characters, fun and well-thought-out questions, multimedia clues (images, videos, sounds) to make it easier for your users aaaand that’s it, you’re done! ?
  • Mother’s Day drawing competitionCreate a photo contest and ask the youngest members of your audience to send their best ‘I love my mum!’ drawing via an image uploader. Your online community will have access to the drawing gallery and will be able to vote for their favourite one(s). Then, reward the winner with a custom printed bag, mug or t-shirt that they can offer to their beloved mother!Alternative: looking to build on user-generated content? Here are other options:A writing contest for the most beautiful poemA video contest for the best message of love in videoA photo editor of the coolest customized photo
  • The price is rightMake your customers guess the right price for your products and give them the opportunity to win a gift for their mom! Choose between the winners based on different criteria such as time, number of clicks or the answer to a sub-question.This is an ideal way to present the visuals for a new product.
  • SurveyWhat’s better than a survey to get to know your audience’s preferences? Suggest that your users make and win their own beauty box by voting for their mum’s favorite products from a selection. Draw the winners and add a subsidiary question to decide if the legislation of your country requires it.Another bonus: this allows you to promote many of your products at the same time!
  • Image-based quiz for kidsHow to celebrate Mother’s Day with the youngest members of your audience? Create a fun quiz based on multimedia elements (photo, video, sounds, GIFs) and ask questions about the animal’s parental behavior! You can then use the exit screen in different ways, by offering a coloring to print and to offer to their mother for example.
  • Guess the wordWhat if you used this day to celebrate children whose mums are famous? Imagine a guess-the-word game in which participants would have to find the first name of a child by finding each of the letters composing it, all in a minimum of attempts.Tip: This format is also ideal for discovering the name of your new product line!
  • Tinder-like personality testLeverage the swiper’s fun and popular format to create your personality test! Mums will have to swipe left or right to answer the questions and discover the heroine that matches their personality. Then, encourage them to share their profile on social media!Alternative: have the same questionnaire filled by children and suggest that they discover which super heroine their mother is.


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