Qualifio is in constant evolution, and this year is proving to be a great one for the platform, with many exciting features arriving on it! Are you interested in discovering what these features are? How about a sneak peek into what’s soon coming to Qualifio? Here’s a recap of our 2023 product update.

Hey! Opt-in reports are here 📊

As a marketer, there’s no doubt that opt-ins are among your greatest allies. This year, new ways of visualising and tracking your opt-in performance have arrived at Qualifio!

  • Global Stats dashboard: we have added opt-in data to the Global Stats section, in the shape of multiple reports. You can now access them and track the high-level trends that opt-ins follow in your campaigns. Isn’t that neat?
  • Opt-in performance dashboard: we haven’t just limited our improvements to the Global Stats dashboard. Explore our brand new Opt-in performance dashboard, where you can take a detailed dive into the performance of individual opt-ins. Stay ahead of the game by monitoring your opt-ins and tracking various metrics, such as the quantity and popularity of each opt-in type among participants.

All the reports in these two dashboards are downloadable, so you can conduct a deeper analysis with the tool of your choice!

Gamify your marketing with Advanced Formats 👾

Have you heard about our Advanced Formats yet? These fun and highly interactive gamified formats can easily help your marketing campaigns stand out! They are designed to increase your conversion rates and showcase your brand, and they all require minimal technical skills to set up.

This year, two new Advanced Formats have made it to the Qualifio catalogue, joining our swap & match, penalty game, and catcher formats. Let’s have a look at the new arrivals:

Repeat it! 🔁

You know it already! This popular game requires participants to memorise and repeat a sequence of elements that becomes longer with each round they play. Customise your game with images and sounds of your choice, and have participants play it in life or time mode.

Obstacle run 🏃

In this classic game, participants must slide side to side as their character runs forward, collecting items to gain points, extra lives, or extra time! However, they must stay alert to avoid bad items, making them lose points, lives, or time in return.

These and our other Advanced Formats are available as an add-on for your Qualifio licence. Do you want to hear more about them ? Contact us!

Take control of participations in your campaigns 🫡

As you may know, Qualifio already offers you the possibility to use a participant’s IP or email address to limit their participation in your campaigns: once per day, once a week, or even only once ever!

Now, you can do so using a participant’s phone number too! What are the perks of this? By associating campaign participations with a participant’s phone number, you can streamline the process of sharing promotional codes, vouchers, or any other information with them via SMS.

What else is new in Qualifio?

Annyeong haseyo! 🙋

Qualifio’s language repertoire keeps growing! Every year, we add new languages to the platform so your campaigns can reach further and further. Recently, Korean, Vietnamese, Malay and Khmer have been incorporated into Qualifio’s long language list. What will come next?

User restriction rules 🚫

With the large number of users that some Qualifio accounts have, it is key to have granulated control over what each user is allowed to do. We invite you to check your user restriction rules, as we have added two new ones:

  • Limit access to push rules to Admins only.
  • Allow access to personal data exports to Marketers, as well as to Admins.

Enrich your data with Qualifio ✨

Member portals are a great way to enrich the data you collect about your audience. They are a place that individuals can come to time and again, taking part in multiple interactive campaigns and getting rewards in return, while you collect their zero- and first-party data to enrich your database.

We have recently created three fun, fictitious member portals to illustrate their data enriching power. You can log into them and try all their features for yourself!

La voz de España 🗣️

Olympique Bruxellois ⚽️

Flavorsome 😋

You can now include three additional widgets in your member portals too!

  • Campaign widget: embed any of your Qualifio campaigns in your portal seamlessly.
  • Campaign as a reward widget: reward your members’ participation in your portal with access to exclusive campaigns.
  • Media widget: include audiovisual material in your portal, from YouTube videos to Spotify tunes.

What’s coming soon? 👀

Smash it! 🔨

Fancy more advanced formats? You’re in luck! Another gamified format is soon arriving in Qualifio: Smash it!

In this game, participants will have to keep their eyes peeled to smash different items as they peek out of a number of holes, but before they disappear! However, players must beware of bad items, which will cause them to lose points.

Galleries, a new layout 🌅

User-generated contests always continue to be a success! We are improving the layout of the galleries where participants’ videos and images are stored and displayed, soon being reborn with a fully redesigned, user-friendly and faster interface.

Anyone said Artificial Intelligence? 🧠

Artificial Intelligence has arrived in Qualifio! Now in beta version for all users, the AI question generator will change the way you create questionnaires for your quizzes.

The feature generates a number of questions and answers about a topic of your choice via AI in a matter of seconds, and directly stores them as a questionnaire in your campaign! Isn’t this exciting? Try the AI question generator now in the quiz, chrono quiz, and cumulative points quiz formats!

Qualifio’s got a new look 🤩

It’s finally happening, and Qualifio looks better than ever! At the 2023 product update webinar, we announced the release of a revamped interface containing the platform’s two modules within a single log-in. This incredibly user-friendly interface will allow you to navigate faster within each module and between the two of them.

We invite you to try it now! You can continue to use Qualifio’s previous interface if you wish to do so until the 1st of November 2023, when it will be finally phased out.

And… that’s a wrap! Please watch the full 2023 product update webinar if you want to hear more about these features directly from Qualifio 🤗

Remember that you can always reach out to our amazing support team with any questions you may have, and that our product team happily welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Until next time!