Olympique Bruxellois’ story: a fictional football club with a real challenge

Today, consumers want to be understood and have unique experiences with the brands they interact with. To do this, brands need to get to know their audience through actionable, compliant, transparent and consented data. And this is precisely what Qualifo allows them to do. 

Qualifio enables marketing teams to collect first- and zero-party data to better understand their audiences. How? Through two complementary SaaS modules:

1️⃣ Qualifio Engage, to generate engagement and capture data via quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats.
2️⃣ Qualifio Loyalty, to reward and segment members with interaction-based programs that go beyond purchases.

But what does it look like in practice? And how could a football club use both Qualifio modules to boost their revenue? That’s what we’re going to show you with this case for a fictional football club: Olympique Bruxellois. 

💡 Olympique Bruxellois is a Belgian football club located in Brussels, playing in the top tier of Belgian football, the Pro League. They were promoted to the first division in 2018 and are aiming this season to contend for the top-4 playoff spots. The club has a large well-established fanbase made up of locals, expats in Brussels and expats abroad that they want to engage with in order to increase their revenue. 


Olympique Bruxellois’ objective

Like most football clubs, Olympique Bruxellois’ main objective is to increase their revenue. They’ll do that by: 

  • Monetising their fanbase: ticket and merchandising sales
  • Increasing their sponsorship revenue: offer more visibility to partners and enrich commercial offering

But in order to do this, they’ll need to qualify their fanbase, which will allow them to achieve their two sub-goals:

  • Engage their communities and offer them exclusive experiences
  • Have a more loyal fanbase, to better understand their needs and to reward this segment


Olympique Bruxellois’ challenge 

They have noticed that they have a big pick of engagement on match days but that it isn’t sustained in the days leading up to the match and drops off very quickly afterwards.

So their big challenge is to leverage that engagement over a longer period of time. In the days leading up to the game, they want fans to get more involved and they want to increase their visibility but they also want that engagement to not drop off so suddenly after the games. The aim being to reach their main goal of boosting revenue.


Olympique Bruxellois’ solution

To meet their goals, they’ve decided to set up a custom loyalty program that rewards fans for all their interactions with the club. They have called their new fan club the “Brusselers”.

By joining the “Brusseleers” club, fans will be able to interact with the club and earn points. And the more they interact with the club, the more benefits they’ll get: presale ticket access, exclusive discounts and events, unique opportunities and rewards, special fan badges, etc.

They have three ways of interacting with the club: 

👤 Influence
The club wants to show that their fans’ opinion matters. They want to get them involved in decisions like the colour of the next team jersey or the man of the match.

🎮 Play
The club wants to show that their fans’ opinion matters. They want to get them involved in decisions like the colour of the next team jersey or the man of the match thanks to gamified experiences.

💪 Show your support
Finally, they want to reward their most active fans, so for every € spent in their e-shop, fans will earn points!


Two layers of data collected

Olympique Bruxellois can choose whether fans should register to the fan club using their SSO or the Google login. This first step already enables the football club to collect valuable first-party data. 

Then, based on the earning rules defined by the football club and the actions members can do to earn points, Olympique Bruxellois collects zero-party data that can be sent to their CRM to segment and enrich their fanbase.


Join the “Brusselers” club and test it now!

With the “Brusselers” club, Olympique Bruxellois wants to get closer to the fans, offering them exclusive and engaging experiences and getting to know them better thanks to the first- and zero-party data collected via the fanclub.

As an example is worth a thousand words, we want you to join the “Brusselers” club and test its mechanics. To do so:

1️⃣ Go to Olympique Bruxellois’ e-commerce site and click on the button at the top of the page to join the fan club.
2️⃣ Identify yourself by using your Gmail address or your Qualifio credentials (for Qualifio users).
3️⃣ Play Olympique Bruxellois’ different games, earn points and see the (fictive) rewards you can get with these points.


We hope you’ll enjoy interacting with Olympique Bruxellois! If you have any questions or want to create the same kind of program for your communities, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be glad to show you how Qualifio modules can help you reach your marketing goals.