Losing sleep thinking you might have missed some of Qualifio’s latest releases? 😱 If any of our new features have slipped under your radar, here’s your chance to catch up on everything we’ve recently added to the platform!

Read on to discover Qualifio’s new features and updates, as well as some future arrivals 🚀 Alternatively, watch our May 2024 Product Update Webinar.

New media gallery 📸

Few campaign types can match the virality potential of those leveraging user-generated content, such as photo and video contests.

These campaigns can be powerful at extending a brand’s reach through social media, capturing the attention of viewers with brand-related content shared by audience members, which adds a touch of authenticity.

Qualifio now counts with a fresh media gallery format that supports photo and video files, to which participants can add captions and descriptions.

The gallery is designed to perform excellently on mobile devices, with a revamped user interface and faster media loading that will ensure smooth and visually engaging media contests.

Where are your campaign’s limits? 🙅

Participation rules vary significantly from one campaign to another. Several factors such as the odds of winning a contest, the way that participants access it, or the number of available prizes, may make you want to limit the number of participations in your campaign or how prizes are won.

The last few months have brought you three updates to the features that give you granulated control over the limits of your campaigns. Let’s find out how 🧐

Individual participation limit

We have extended your possibilities to limit individual participation in your campaigns:

  • Define the maximum number of individual participations allowed for the duration of your campaign, within a given timeframe, or with a frequency: three participations in all time, two participations a day, ten participations a week, etc.
  • Use an individual participant’s phone number, email, IP address, or a combination of these to prevent them from exceeding their participation limit.

Collective participation limit

You may also define a collective participation limit for the combined total of your campaign participants. We have upgraded this feature to increase the granularity of your limit’s settings:

  • Establish a cap on the collective number of participations in your campaign (e.g., a combined total of 10,000 participations).
  • Define participation limits for specific time frequencies (e.g., 1,000 collective participations per day).

💡 If you set a limit of 1,000 participations a day with a cap of 10,000 total participations, your campaign will stop being active once those 10,000 participations have been reached.

Prize limitation by phone number

Has a single participant ever hogged most of the prizes you carefully selected for one of your campaigns? You can limit a participant’s ability to win a prize twice using their email address, and now, you can also use their phone number!

And guess what? Participants who have already won a prize will be able to continue participating in your campaign without being able to win again 😉

Nom, nom, nom 🍔 Hello, maze muncher!

Qualifio’s catalogue offers a wide range of interactive marketing formats, each designed to help you achieve your diverse marketing objectives. And the good news is that our catalogue keeps expanding! 💥

The maze muncher is our catalogue’s latest addition, designed to help you increase your audience’s time on your channels. In this gamified format, participants must sprint through a maze and score points by munching on dots and bonus items while avoiding being captured.

You’ll be able to make your participants play in life mode or time mode, so choose wisely and give them a bit of a challenge along with the fun!

The maze muncher is part of our advanced formats add-on, which you can access on top of your Qualifio license. Curious to hear more about how gamification can help you take your marketing to the next level? Contact us!

Quizzes with multiple correct answers 🫡

Yes, we know. You love the quiz format. What’s not to like? This versatile format accompanies many Qualifio users daily, as they get creative to launch myriad campaigns with various dynamics and objectives.

We recently updated the format’s functionalities to allow you to create quizzes with multiple correct answers for each question.

Imagine you create a questionnaire offering three potential answers for each question. Now, you can decide that two answers will be correct and one incorrect. But that’s not all! You can also attribute a different number of points to each correct answer that a participant gets.

These new functionalities will add even more dynamism to your stunning quizzes ⭐️ Use them in the quiz, chrono quiz, and sudden death quiz formats when choosing answers of the checkbox or clickable image types.

Plus features: what are they? 🌞

You might have come across the term Plus but need help understanding it. The answer is simple! Qualifio’s offering is now divided between Essential features and Plus features.

While Essential features focus on allowing you to collect data from your audience members, Plus features are designed to enable you to enrich their data by motivating recurrent interactions with your content.

You can combine these features to create reward programs, a marketing strategy designed to incentivise recurring interactions between a brand and its audience members.

But how does a reward program work? The idea behind them is to provide several exciting rewards that your audience members can redeem with their accumulated points.

Your members can earn points in a number of ways that you define: signing up for your program, returning to your program every day, participating in Qualifio campaigns that you place in it, clicking on a button that takes them to another location, such as your website, etc. The possibilities are endless!

While engaging with your reward program, your audience members grow closer to your brand and may share further data about themselves, their interests and preferences, for you to enrich your database.

Discover the reward program ‘Bons plats, bon karma’, which Groupe SEB launched for their brand Moulinex. Since its launch, the program has steadily grown in members, with member purchases twice as big as the average customer’s.

Read the full success story to learn more about Groupe SEB’s marketing strategy and the critical role that this reward program plays in engaging and qualifying Moulinex’s audience.

Download Groupe SEB’s success story

So, what new Plus features are on Qualifio for you to enjoy? Here are a few of them! ⬇️

Social connectors

Your reward program is a gated space. Your members will need to sign up initially, but you don’t want them to have to type their login credentials when they return to your program on the following occasions, do you?

Our social connectors feature allows you to offer your members the opportunity to sign up and subsequently log into your program using their Google or Facebook credentials.

Using this feature will enhance your members’ experience with your program while reducing their password fatigue. They won’t have to type in their login information every time they want to log into your program, making the process more inviting for them 🤗

Earning points for clicks

Give participants points when they click specific buttons 🔘 to encourage engagement with your reward program and increase traffic on your other channels. You may associate any link of your choice to your buttons: your online shop, a specific article published on your website, your social media channels, etc.

Campaign feed widget

All your campaigns in a single place? Is this even possible? 🤯 Yes, it is, thanks to our campaign feed widget! Our reward programs can be quickly built on member portals using blocks and widgets like this one and our drag-and-drop interface.

The campaign feed widget allows you to automatically display a series of campaigns on your reward programs, showing members campaigns tailored to their preferences and interests.

Show members campaigns that have yet to become available and how long they have to participate in others before they expire. No better way to encourage them to return to your program and participate recurrently!

What’s coming soon? 👀

Data validation feature

Ensure that email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers collected via your Qualifio campaigns are accurate and valid. This data validation is crucial for building a highly reliable contact database while instilling trust in your participants.

Bonus! This feature will help you reduce the risk of spam and fraud in your marketing efforts 🧹

Cross-account reporting

Does your business use multiple Qualifio accounts under the umbrella of your organisation? This is sometimes the case for organisations that manage multiple brands in different markets.

Cross-account reporting will allow you to easily compare how different accounts in your organisation operate, without switching from one account to another to assess their performance.

Advanced format #8

Our following gamified format is currently in the making! This format will have the shape of a tournament bracket and will be destined for the engagement of your audience.

How will it work? Create multiple pairs and ask participants to repeatedly choose each pair’s winner in the tournament bracket until only one winner is left. You can easily adapt this format to your industry, making it about sports competitions, movie awards, ice cream flavours of the summer, or anything that works for you!

C’est fini! If you want to learn more about these new and upcoming features, please watch the full recording of our May 2024 Product Update Webinar.

Remember that you can always contact our amazing support team with questions, feedback and suggestions. Ciao! 👋