New: Check out our ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Love it or hate it, it’s an important date for brands. According to the Statistics Portal Statista, approximately 1 billion euros was spent on Valentine’s Day gifts in the UK in 2019. In Belgium and in the Netherlands, statistics showed that people are spending between €30 and €40 for Valentine’s Day. No wonder brands are creating marketing actions to leverage the lovers’ celebration!

To get you in the mood, we’ve put together 10 lovely marketing campaigns ideas for Valentine’s Day. So don’t worry, if you don’t have a marketing campaign planned for the 14th, you still have some time to create a Valentine’s Day action or to get in touch with our team ?

Provide shoppers with gift ideas

Give ideas on what to buy for their loved ones with a dedicated gift guide around your products. It is also a good opportunity to highlight “unusual” gift ideas that your audience might not have thought of. Offer them a discount coupon and be sure to link to your products so they can immediately buy the gift they like.

In the same vein, you can also create a wheel of fortune. Associate a gift for each slice and invite your Internet users to let the wheel choose what they should offer to their beloved one. A fun and easy campaign to set up! Try it now ⬇

Let your audience speak

It’s no secret that we love user-generated content. It is a great way to build customer trust and strengthen relationships with your clients.

Imagine a Valentine’s Day campaign featuring the cutest couples. Internet users have to share their photo and collect the most votes to try to win their Valentine’s Day evening: a candlelit dinner, a night in a luxury hotel, etc.


Not inspired by couple pictures? Want a more original way to celebrate lovers’ day? Ask your Internet users to show their creativity by sharing a photo of their most beautiful heart: in chips, in light, in paint, etc.


Engage audiences with Valentine’s promotions

Calendars are not only intended for the Christmas season! You can create a calendar campaign for any type of event with many surprise boxes, each of which opens to a display promo, a quiz, an exclusive video or any other custom content.

We imagined a calendar of discount coupons for Valentine’s Day. Each day, participants can vote for their favourite out of two products. Once they voted, they receive a discount coupon to buy it for their beloved one. Everyone’s a winner! You can use the calendar format to reveal percentage discounts but also “2-for-1” deals, free shipping, a gift with each purchase, etc.

advent-calendar-valentines-day-campaign-marketing-qualifio  advent-calendar-valentines-day-campaign-marketing-qualifio

To avoid a participant to get more than one coupon, you can limit participations to one per email address. Don’t forget that you can easily promote your calendar through Instagram & Snapchat Stories.

Show some love to the singles

Part of your consumers is not in a relationship. Don’t make single shoppers feel less important!

For example, ask them to “shape” their ideal partner based on the criteria you have chosen. Once their checklist has been filled out, propose them to share it on their social networks and invite their friends to participate.


Provide your users with useful content

Writing a love letter can be hard and can take some time. Make the life of your users easier by creating a love letter generator! How? Create a personality test with conditional branching options. You will be able to easily adapt the questions of your test according to the answers of your participants and propose them a letter corresponding to their personality or needs. Display your letter in the exit screen of your campaign and allow your participants to download it.

campaign-valentines-day-love-marketing-qualifio campaign-valentines-day-love-marketing-qualifio

You can also imagine a more straightforward personality test, such as “What kind of valentine are you?” or, in another style, “Are you in the friendzone?”. Choose the questions of your personality test and display the corresponding based on the participants’ answers.


Offer your audience a moment of fun

Make the most of Valentine’s Day to entertain even the youngest members of your audience! Imagine, for example, a romantic cartoon quiz or create a personality test “Who are you going to spend Valentine’s Day with?” like the French children’s TV channel Gulli.


Entertain your audience AND offer them a big prize! Valentine’s Day is also a good occasion to travel. Use an animated game like a puzzle, a guess the word or a battle to offer a moment of fun to your audience and the opportunity to win a trip with the person of their choice.


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