Welcome to the first campaign of the month’s article for the year 2024! We hope you’ve had an awesome start to the year and that January treated you well. Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to dive back in. And since the new year also brings new marketing opportunities, we see that brands wasted no time! We’ve handpicked five interactive marketing campaigns made by our customers that caught our eye this month.

So, be ready for a dose of inspiration and check out how brands are engaging their audience and collecting first- and zero party data!

1. Club Employés’ rock climbing obstacle run 

This month, Club Employés kicked the year off with a sporty touch. Partnering with renowned sports brands like Arkose and Garmin, they introduced their first marketing campaign of the year — a rock-climbing runner! 

Participants had to climb while catching as many climbing holds as possible and dodge other climbers. Lucky winners had the opportunity to win a selection of sport-related prizes such as a Garmin watch, free indoor climbing sessions and much more! This was also a great way to engage and interact with their audience.


Psssst: The obstacle run is part of our “Advanced formats” add-on. All the games contained in this add-on are fully customisable to fit your campaign’s vision!

2. The National Lottery festive hidden object

If you love music, this campaign is made for you! This January, the National Lottery decided to treat their club members and launched a very special hidden object game

Their goal? Engage and reward their loyal audience!

Participants had to find the hidden lotto ball to have a chance at winning one year of free concert tickets 🤩 The icing on the cake? The campaign’s form was pre-filled, enhancing their audience experience.


3. Yves-Saint Laurent’s beauty instant win

What is a better way to promote a new product than with an exciting online contest? To announce the launch of their new perfume “Black Opium Over Red”, Yves-Saint-Laurent created an instant win campaign

Participants simply had to fill out a form to check their luck. The brand also seized the opportunity to collect first-party data such as phone numbers, addresses or even newsletter opt-ins!


4. Perles & Co’s 20 years celebration quiz 

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, Perles & Co went all out and decided to spice things up with a special quiz. Participants who scored at least 6 out of 10 had the chance to win an exciting two-day trip to the brand’s headquarters, where they could meet the team, explore the town, and take part in a creative workshop.

And that’s not all! Perles & Co took the quiz to the next level by adding a chrono for each question. This strategic move was not only an opportunity to reward their loyal customers and engage with their audience but also allowed them to collect valuable data and newsletter opt-ins.


5. Lolaliza’s spot the difference game

Fashion weeks are happening all over the world, and it’s the perfect time to get inspired for your next shopping spree! And speaking of shopping, LolaLiza has decided to start the year with a special treat for their audience. 

The brand launched an amazing “spot the difference” game showcasing their new collection. It’s a great way for the brand to engage their audience, introducing them to all the latest items, while collecting newsletter opt-ins.

And guess what? All players had the chance to get an €8 discount for their next shopping session. To make things even more exciting, the fastest participants got a shot at winning a €50 gift voucher!


That concludes our first 2024 campaign of the month article. We hope you enjoyed it and that it provided you with some interesting ideas for your next interactive marketing campaigns. 

And if you’re looking for more inspiration for upcoming events such as Valentine’s Day and other international celebrations, check out our articles on these topics!

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