New: Check out our ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again: winter is setting in and February is rapidly approaching. Love it or hate it, in a few weeks Valentine’s Day’s here. It’s both a special occasion to celebrate love and a perfect seasonal opportunity in terms of interactive content, whether you’re an agency, a marketing manager or a media. So if you don’t have any campaigns planned for the 14th, it’s time to get in the mood for love!

Here are 6 campaign ideas we love, in good time to start planning your Valentine’s Day interactive content. Let’s take a look at them, one by one.

For those who think clichés are cute

Love letters, hearts, cupids, candies… are like dinner and movie: they never go out of style. Classic Valentine’s Day marketing still makes hearts swell. Here are 3 traditional campaign ideas to inspire your digital marketing:

1. Voted most romantic

Some movies will never get old, even when you’ve watched them a million times and know everything about them. And for good reason: you can’t beat a good love story. It’s like cannellonis for the mind. From The Notebook to Pretty Woman, romantic films gave us some heart-stopping moments. But what’s the best of them all!?

Valentine's Day: The best romantic movies of all time

Type of campaign and how-to: Organise a battle between some of the most romantic movies ever and ask your audience to vote for their favourite ones. As a bonus, this campaign might even help them set up their own personal Valentine’s Day movie marathon!

2. Make people fall in love with your brand

Flowers, chocolate, poetry? On Valentine’s Day, many people are looking for the perfect gift. Cosmetics and jewelry are often cited as examples, but just about any company can come up with a Valentine’s Day marketing action and promote products that are perfectly gift-able. In order to determine the best present, use a personality test and boost your sales!

Valentine's Day: Gift ideas for your significant other

Type of campaign and how-to: Create a personality test. Then, you can recommend a typical gift on the basis of the participant’s answers and help them say “I love you” to their special someone.

3. Share the love

This one will warm your heart: ask your audience to submit a picture that represents what love means to them!

Valentine's Day: Photo editor Valentine's Day: Edit your photo

Type of campaign and how-to: Create a photo contest and select the “photo editor” type of question. Don’t forget to upload your thematic frames, stickers, logos and other visual elements to be added to the participants’ photos!

Bonus: Need an alternative? Why not try to hold a video contest of the most beautiful dancing couple?

For those who want to avoid clichés

Do you think that most Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns are corny? Would you rather be creative to stand out from the competition? Here are our favourite ideas to think outside the (heart-shaped) box this year.

1. Not just for couples

Valentine’s Day is not for couples only, yet those who are not in romantic relationships may often feel left out. This does not have to be the case, as Valentine’s day is about celebrating love in its entirety… including self-love and things that make people feel good about themselves. Turn the focus inward with this interesting checklist campaign!

Valentine's Day: checklist

Type of campaign and how-to: Create a checklist campaign, add all the elements you want to propose to your audience, and then prepare personalised exit screens based on the participants’ scores.

2. Roses are red…

The love letter is a major tool in the romance department. It has been around since forever and is one of the go-to ways to express yourself to your significant other. Yet finding the right words can be a real challenge. Help your audience out by providing them a template, a text containing blank spaces to be filled with the details of their own love story!

Valentine's Day: quiz

Type of campaign and how-to: Create a simple quiz or a personality test with questions about the participant’s romantic relationship. Then, just use the {q.response} game variables to personalise your exit and share screens, which will then display a custom love note.

3. Anti-Valentine’s Day

Not all romances have fairytale endings, not even in Hollywood. Therefore, why not take the opposite view? Don’t try to reach lovebirds; celebrate the break-ups, fights, arguments and infidelities of this world!

Valentine's Day: Memory

Type of campaign and how-to: Create a memory game in which the aim is for the participants to match complementary pairs of cards and retrieve some of the most famous couples who cheated on each other.

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