New: Check out our ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day!

The marketing calendar is full of events which can actually be real traps: either you fall into a total cheesy mess or you’re elevated to the rank of the absolute top topical master.

Valentine’s Day marketing is probably the best example of this, as it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of kitschy, cheesy, rosy, overused, banal and boring campaigns. But with a bit of humour and creativity, it is still possible to stand out.

1. Avoid clichés.

Surprise everybody and create a “Is he/she really faithful?” quiz, for testing your partner’s faithfulness factor. Humour and exaggeration are welcome.


2. Think about all the single people.

Create a test to discover the perfect Valentine. Encourage sharing on social networks and maybe their Valentine will recognize themselves in this profile.


3. Beware of the gift trap.

Gifts are probably one of the biggest traps in terms of tackiness, so why not create a “What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift?” campaign.


4. But bear in mind that the ultimate trap is Valentine’s Day itself!

So create a survey about the cheesiest things done on the 14th of February.


5. Dating apps are mega-popular right now.

Out of Tinder and Happn, which one will win the battle of the most effective social network for finding your soul mate?


Not sure whether your audience is ready to forget the old Valentine’s Day traditions? Since we’re in this era of conversation marketing, just ask! Create a survey featuring cheesy and original Valentine’s Day situations, and you will soon have your answer!


If you really want to keep on doing “classical” Valentine’s day campaigns, have a look at these Valentine’s day marketing ideas.

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