Brands are constantly finding new ways to connect with their target audience. And we love that! Whether with personality tests or fun quizzes, they used their creativity to attract, engage, and convert prospects into customers. Let’s explore together our 5 favourite interactive marketing campaigns of June.

LolaLiza’s beach campaign

The fashion brand LolaLiza chose the hidden object format to engage their community this summer and boost their sales. They challenged participants to find 4 beach accessories hidden in an image to try to win (get ready): 

  • A weekend in a dream penthouse with sea views for 5 people
  • With a delicious dinner 
  • And a €100 gift card for each of them! 

Moreover, all those participating in the campaign won a €10 discount on any purchase over €60. An offer valid until the end of the summer to encourage consumers to buy from LolaLiza and attract potential new customers.


Haribo’s family campaign 

The summer months mean a multitude of possible activities! Haribo has launched a great two steps campaign offering more than 500 activities for the whole family: 

  1. First, consumers had to buy Haribo products and enter the code found on the sweet packages in an online campaign.
  2. Then, participants could spin a wheel of fortune and discover the activity they had won! 

An excellent campaign to link the physical and digital worlds and keep Haribo’s community engaged during the summer months.


Swinkel’s Father’s Day campaign

In June, some of us, like the Frenchies, Belgians or Dutchies, celebrated Father’s Day and for the occasion, the brewer Swinkels launched a gift guide! Participants could quickly find the best gift for their dad through a series of click-on-image questions. 

Swinkels highlighted the best matches according to participants’ answers and added a clear call-to-action to allow users to end the test with a purchase on their online store.


Nespresso and Casa’s personality tests

Personality tests allow brands to collect valuable zero-party data about their consumers! Brands can then use this information to understand their audience better, enabling them to create more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

This month, we’ve seen two original tests created by the coffee brand Nespresso and the chain of interior decoration stores, Casa. 

1️⃣ Nespresso gave their community the chance to discover their summer coffee flavour and try to win a Nespresso Summer Box worth €150, including a coffee machine and Nespresso accessories.


2️⃣ On their side, Casa created a test allowing users to discover their summer colour. The exit screen offered them a discount to purchase items and decorations on Casa’s e-shop in this precise colour!


If you’re looking for creative and original campaign ideas to engage your customers during this summer, check out our article “The best summer marketing campaigns to launch for your brand”. We’ve gathered a lot of different ideas to make your brand stand out!