The title speaks for itself: in this article, we’ll provide you with the best summer marketing campaigns for your brand to try! As usual, our Marketing and Studio teams have come together to imagine “la crème de la crème” of summer marketing campaign ideas. There are a lot of quality tools to help you promote your brand and engage your audience, like movie maker software, interesting templates, quizzes, etc. Our goal? Make you stand out this summer with original campaigns to engage with your communities and collect precious first- and zero-party data. Let’s go! 

The best summer marketing campaigns using the basics

1. Battle: vote for your favourite summer looks!

The battle format allows you to quickly find out your customers’ preferences. If you’re a fashion brand, summer is the perfect time to ask your audience what they think of your new collection. And why not thank participants for taking part in your battle by making a prize draw and gifting the winner with a new summer wardrobe?   

Do you like this campaign idea and design? Well it’s your lucky day because the template is available as such in your Qualifio account, so you don’t have to spend hours on your next summer marketing campaign.


2. Quiz: find the festival hidden behind the riddle

The summer months mean a multitude of festivals! Our teams have come up with a fun way to highlight the different festivals through a riddle quiz. Participants have to find the festival hidden behind the riddle. You can then offer the winners tickets for the festival in question. 


3. Personality test: which plant to buy for your place?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the best plant for your place. With this personality test, you can offer helpful content to your audience while collecting valuable information on them: what kind of plant they are looking for, where they live, etc. All kinds of information you can use after in your communication 😉


4. Quiz: meteor showers

Did you know that July and August are the best months to observe shooting stars? So, we took the opportunity to create an interactive quiz about all the exciting things you can see in the sky. The concept is the following: participants click on an element in the sky and find out everything there is to know about it with the help of an informative quiz.

5. Wheel of fortune: which colour to choose for this summer?

We love to put a twist on our wheel of fortune format. So for this summer, we have imagined a wheel of fortune to help participants decide which nail colour they should try. To do so, we have replaced the slider with a finger, and each quarter is a different colour. 


6. Quiz: protect your skin for the summer

Summer rhymes with the sun (well, most of the time). With this educational quiz that uses different questions with different types of answers (like the instant answer check), you can provide your audience with a moment of fun while educating them about the importance of protecting their skin during the summer. As an example is worth a thousand words, test the campaign ⬇

The best summer marketing campaigns using our advanced formats

The campaign ideas below are created with our “Advanced Formats” add-on, allowing our users to quickly create more innovative and original games with no technical skills needed. If you want to know more about this add-on, contact us!

1. Swap & match: let’s go to the beach

The swap & match is probably one of the easiest advanced formats to set up for your audience. You select the items your audience should swap to form a row or column and you have your campaign! Then you add your design and your music and you’re done. For this summer edition, we’ve imagined a swap & match with parasols to be swapped, and it already feels like summer 😉

2. Obstacle run: choose from one of our ready-to-use templates 

To make your life easier, we’ve made different templates for the obstacle run available directly in your account: 

  • The pizza delivery obstacle run
  • The rafting obstacle run
  • The aeroplane obstacle run
  • The Tour de France obstacle run

You just need to select the one that fits your brand’s objectives and publish your campaign!


The best summer marketing campaigns created by our Studio

If you want to reproduce one of the summer campaign ideas below but you’re not sure how to do it, contact our Studio team! Our project managers and designers will be happy to help.

1. Calendar: my summer journal

Our team wanted to test a calendar in a horizontal way and we are sure you will love it! Behind each bungalow, you can put exclusive content or a game to engage your audience during the summer. Try out our campaign below to see what it looks like in real ⬇

2. Calendar: countdown to summer!

In the campaign idea below, our Studio team used the classic calendar view with all boxes on one page, and decided to give each box a different shape. You can use this idea to count down the days to summer or to entertain your audience over a longer period.


3. Jackpot: summer cocktails

World gin day, Piña Colada day, and international tequila day are all celebrated during the summer. A coincidence? Certainly not! Why not set up a luxury jackpot for your audience with a kit to make the best cocktails this summer to be won!


4. Team selector: pack for your holidays

If you thought our team selector format was only designed for sports games, our Studio team will prove you wrong! They’ve turned our format into a list of clothes that absolutely need to be taken on holiday. Ask your participants to take only the most important clothes they need and offer them a discount to complete their luggage with what they don’t have yet. 

best summer marketing campaigns-team-selector-2

5. Wheel of fortune: Tour de France edition!

The whole month of July is marked by the Tour de France, a cycling race followed by thousands of fans worldwide! For the occasion, our Studio has come up with a wheel of fortune in the shape of a bicycle wheel with many prizes to be won. If you’re looking for other campaign ideas around the Tour de France, we’ve got just what you need in this article.


6. Shell game: where will you go next?

It’s a campaign we’ve already shared with you, but we can’t get enough of it: the shell game will help your audience to decide on their next holiday destination. This campaign randomly selects a destination and provides information about it! An easy game to engage your community and highlight your travel offers. 

In case you’re wondering how to create this game, contact our Studio team 😉

The best summer marketing campaigns launched by our users

Lipton’s runner game

To promote their sugar-free Ice Tea, Lipton launched a runner game challenging participants to catch as many Lipton Ice Tea Green Zero cans as possible, while avoiding the parasols and sugar. The prize? Two gym memberships for you and your gym buddy!


PAB’s barbecue memory game

It wouldn’t be the summer without barbecues, so the retailer PAB Benelux decided to showcase their products by creating a memory game. In this game, participants had to find all the matching pairs of cards illustrating PAB’s products.


Oasis’s dangerous obstacle run

Surf the wave and catch the most fruit while avoiding sharks and octopuses, that’s the challenge Oasis set for their consumers. At the end of the game, participants could either participate in the big prize draw or try to improve their score. An addictive game to make consumers spend more time on their channels 😉


We hope you’ve been inspired by these best summer marketing campaigns to launch for your brand. If you want to get even more inspiration for summer, have a look at our previous articles: