Are you looking to enhance your customer engagement strategy and interactive campaigns? We have the solution for you! With our Plus features, you can design your own reward program and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Crafting your own reward program opens up a world of exciting possibilities and opportunities, enabling you to engage with your audience in innovative ways:

  • Say goodbye to the accessibility struggle. Now, you can centralise all of your campaigns on one page, making it effortless for your audience to explore and engage with any of them at any time.
  • Talking about optimising user experience, introducing a Single Sign-On (SSO) option is the perfect way to achieve this goal. Your audience will only need to log in once to access not just the program but also to participate in any campaign!
  • Transform your program into an immersive gamified experience by introducing a point system and levels. How does it work? Define earning rules that allow members to accumulate points, unlocking new levels and rewards as they interact with your program.
  • Craft your own burning rules and reward your program members with well-deserved prizes they can redeem using their points.
  • Remember that possibilities are endless! Unleash your creativity and experience the freedom of total customisation with your reward program. From widgets to interface design, make sure every feature fits your brand’s identity and specific needs. 

Eager to explore the possibilities offered by our reward programs? This month, we’re spotlighting the programs designed by our users. 

Dive in and explore the innovative ways our customers are harnessing the power of our Plus features!

1. “Bons plats, bon Karma” by  Moulinex

While “Bons plats, bon Karma” first appeared in a previous article, we couldn’t resist showcasing this program again as it continuously attracts new consumers. The reward program was launched to keep Moulinex’s consumers engaged and help the brand interact with them in various ways. 

Members can earn points through many interactions. These include participating in games and contests, referring a friend to the program or even clicking on a special button in a newsletter email. They can then use those points to access additional games or redeem prizes.  


This month, the brand introduced two exciting campaigns within their program: an engaging puzzle in which members needed to reconstruct a kitchen setting and a “guess the word” game in which they needed to find a citation from the program.


In addition to rewarding and engaging their consumers, this program supports Moulinex’s goals of enriching their database while strengthening the connection with their audience.

2. “My CF63” by Clermont Foot 63

Engaging sports fans outside of matches and events or retaining them in tough times can sometimes be challenging. That’s why, Clermont Foot 63 decided to innovate and launch their own reward program.

Their objective? To retain their existing fan base and foster ongoing engagement while enriching their database. Indeed, the program helps the club to stay connected with its fans and keep them engaged outside of important matches or events.

To achieve that goal, they encourage their audience to participate in various interactive games related to their team and upcoming matches. In April, Clermont Foot decided to launch three interactive formats for their program members: a puzzle, the classic prediction and even a penalty game using our advanced formats add-on.

In addition to participating in those campaigns, members can also earn points by simply joining the program, subscribing to the club’s newsletter and much more. These points enable them to unlock exclusive and unique rewards that are designed to strengthen their bond with the club.


3. “France TV&vous” by France TV 

TV channels also encounter similar challenges. In a fast-paced world, establishing meaningful connections with viewers and retaining them can sometimes be difficult. A way to achieve this objective is to keep your audience engaged outside of their TV screen and reward them.

That is why France TV decided to launch their reward program “France TV&vous”. Members can earn points in various fun ways, like reading articles, following the channel on social media, and participating in new campaigns.


But that is not all! The campaigns developed by France TV in their program are tailored to match key events of the year. For instance, in April, they celebrated Earth and its importance by introducing a special maze muncher created with our advanced format add-on!


4. “Experience” by RTBF

In addition to retaining their audience, TV and radio channels face the challenge of encouraging viewers to spend more time engaging with their content. That’s why the Belgian channel RTBF took the initiative to create its reward program. 


Not only do members earn points in many ways on the main program such as participating in campaigns, reading new articles and more, but RTBF also made sure to personalise their journey. Indeed, they encourage them to join subsequent reward programs, called “challenges”, based on their interests offering them content and campaigns in line with the chosen theme. There is something fitting every taste as RTBF created a total of six different themes; movie, series, football, basketball, cycling and motorsports.

For example, if you choose to participate in the “series” challenge, you will be able to participate in campaigns related to the RTBF series. One recent example includes their engaging personality test, designed to help you discover your next must-watch show!


We hope that you enjoyed this special edition of our top interactive marketing campaign of the month article and that it inspired you for your next campaigns.

If you’re interested in launching your own reward program, don’t hesitate to contact us! If you have an amazing idea but need extra help making it happen, reach out to our talented Studio team.