La Voz de España’s story: a fictional news media with a real challenge

At Qualifio, we are convinced that an example, especially a live example, is worth a thousand words. Therefore, after the showcase of L’Olympique Bruxellois, showing how a fictional football club can use Qualifio to boost their revenue, we have created a second live example showcasing a news media: La Voz de España.


💡La Voz de España is a Spanish news website and newspaper based in Madrid. Their reporting focuses on Spanish news, sports and politics. Founded in 1990, they have evolved with the times and progressively decreased their print-run in favour of online activities. They have had a data collection strategy in place for the past couple of years and are looking to take it to the next level.

In this article, we’ll explain the challenges faced by La Voz de España and the solution they have found to reach their marketing objectives, that you’ll be able to test in real time. Enjoy!   

La Voz de España’s challenges and objectives

Like most media groups, La Voz de España have seen their offline revenues decline and their online revenues progressively increase over the last two decades. In the current market where news is increasingly being consumed online, and where print circulation numbers are declining, these trends are projected to increase and media groups will need to innovate, both online and offline.  


Their challenge for the next few years is to figure out how to move from mainly offline to online revenues with online subscriptions and advertising. They will focus on their digital channels and new online subscribers, and make the most of the recurring traffic.


In summary, La Voz de España want to: 

  1. Focus on online revenue by monetising their audience and boosting their advertising revenue.
  2. Accelerate recurring traffic by giving readers a reason to return to their website daily. 
  3. Boost their subscription model by building a sense of community amongst readers and by giving them a sense of belonging.

La Voz de España’s reward program

To meet these goals, they’ve set up a custom reward program called ‘La Voz Community‘ that rewards readers for all of their interactions with the newspaper.

Why did they choose Qualifio to create this program? Because Qualifio allows them to:

  1. Stay agile in the ever-evolving digital world with an easy-to-use platform, and the use of gamification to attract a younger generation.
  2. Collect actionable first- and zero-party data to understand the readers’ expectations in a digital world impacted by data deprecation.
  3. Stand out and provide a true value exchange: high quality, reliable and interactive content to encourage subscribers to share data.

4 corners to interact with La Voz de España

La Voz de España’s program aims to reward the readers’ commitment with exclusive digital experiences, unique discounts and gifts. To do so, they’ve divided their program into four corners: 

  1. The news corner. This corner highlights different quizzes and games that members can play, to test their general knowledge about the latest news and earn points. This corner aims to engage and attract a younger generation with gamification.
  2. The advertisers corner. This section features a different partner every week with a dedicated game and a unique gift for members to win. The goal here is to increase the visibility of their partners and collect opt-ins (first-party data) for them.
  3. The question corner. In this section, La Voz de España wants to learn more about their readers, and collect zero-party data by asking them a different question about them every day, in exchange for points. 
  4. The reader’s corner. This corner shows members the other ways in which they can interact with La Voz de España to earn more points, like reading an article, subscribing to the newsletter or to the newspaper. Perfect to increase readership, both free and paid!

Join ‘La Voz community’ and test the reward program yourself!

It’s time to put yourself in the shoes of a member of ‘La Voz community’, to interact with the brand, to play and earn points!

Follow these steps to join ‘La Voz community’:

  1. Go to La Voz de España’s news website and click on the button at the top of the page to join the program.
  2. Identify yourself by using your Gmail address or your Qualifio credentials (only for Qualifio users).
  3. Play La Voz de España’s different games, read the articles, earn points and discover the (fictitious) rewards you could earn with these points.

We hope you’ll enjoy interacting with La Voz de España! If you have any questions or want to create the same kind of program for your audience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to show you how Qualifio can help you to reach your marketing goals.