Download the marketing calendar 2022 and get a clear overview of all the key events that will punctuate the year, from January to December 2022!

Every year, the marketing calendar is an essential tool for more than 10K marketers from top European brands looking to engage their audiences, collect first- and zero-party data and build loyalty. The marketing calendar 2022 lets you know all the dates you shouldn’t miss in 2022 to plan your interactive marketing campaigns and promotions in advance.

What you will find in the marketing calendar 2022:

  1. A 12 month calendar gathering more than 311 events around which you can create content or launch actions to achieve your marketing objectives. You’ll find all types of events, from international days to sporting and cultural events, but also holidays and feast days.
  2. A summary page per month with key dates selected by our team and a dedicated space to take notes. But, that’s not all! Because we know it’s not easy to consistently find new and original ideas, you’ll also have per month a link to inspiring articles to help you with ideas for your marketing campaigns.
  3. Finally, to ensure you don’t miss any events, we’ll provide you with a link to add the marketing calendar 2022 directly in your Google calendar. That way, you can have a look at your personal calendar while keeping track of the year’s events from day to day.

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The marketing calendar 2022: month by month

January 2022 calendar

January kicks off a new year! Next to the international day of Italian cuisine (January 17th) and popcorn day (January 19th), January 2022 is marked by cultural and sporting events. You’ll find, for example, the 79th Golden Globe® Awards (January 9th) and the 64th GRAMMY Awards (January 31st), as well as the Dakar Rally (January 2nd) and the Australian Open (January 17th). Want to know what else is happening in the January 2022 calendar? Download the calendar to discover all the dates of the month ?

February 2022 calendar

February 2022 rhymes with Fashion weeks: Copenhagen (February 1st), New York (February 11th), London (February 18th) and Milan (February 22th). This month is also known as the month of love and romance, with Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Have a look, for example, at what Le Slip Français did for Valentine’s Day ? But, there is more! Pizza day (February 9th), world radio day (February 13th) or even the 47th César Awards ceremony (February 25th), don’t miss any events by downloading the marketing calendar 2022.


March 2022 calendar

March marks the beginning of Spring, and has more than 20 international days! With world compliment day (March 1st), International Women’s Day (March 8th), awkward moments day (March 18th) or international day of happiness (March 20th), you will find what you need to engage your community. On the cultural side, don’t forget Paris Fashion Week (March 2nd) and the Oscars (March 27th).

April 2022 calendar

April means Easter time, with Easter Monday on April 18th. Be inspired by the Easter campaigns of Delhaize and Galler, right here. April 2022 is also marked by marathons with the Paris marathon (April 3rd) and the Rotterdam marathon (April 9th). Alongside them, are some fun days like April fool’s day or the international fun at work day on April 1st and more caring ones like World Health Day (April 7th) and international Earth Day (April 22nd). Don’t miss them by downloading the marketing calendar 2022 ?


May 2022 calendar

In May, we celebrate our mothers, depending on the country, on the 1st, 8th or 29th. But we also celebrate something every other day in May. From international no diet day (May 6th) to world cocktail day (May 13th) and international burger day (May 28th), you can set your creativity free. Don’t forget the Eurovision song contest (May 14th) and Cannes Film Festival (May 17th). On the sporting side, we have, amongst others, Roland Garros (May 16th) and the Champions League Final in Saint Petersburg (May 28th). You can also leverage May the 4th and celebrate the Star Wars saga like UGC did with their jackpot campaign.

June 2022 calendar

Time to celebrate our fathers on the 5th, 12th or 19th of June, depending on where you live! You can also find inspiration from World Environment Day (June 5th), international picnic day (June 18th) or World Music Day (June 21st). And talking about music day, June 2022 also marks the start of music festivals with Pinkpop (June 17th), Hellfest (June 17th) and Rock Werchter (June 31st).

July 2022 calendar

The Summer months aren’t a particularly slow period. There are a lot of events happening for you to create content around. You first have the Tour de France (July 1st) and the European Women’s Football Championship (July 6th). Then you have world emoji day (July 17th), international Tequila day (July 24th) or international day of friendship (July 30th). Download the calendar to discover all the events you can leverage in Summer.


August 2022 calendar

International beer day (August 5th), world photography day (August 19th), international dog day (August 26th) or Banana Split day (August 25th), pick the event that fits your brand the best to engage your community and promote your products. And don’t forget to prepare your marketing for back-to-school ?

September 2022 calendar

In September 2022, Fashion weeks are back: New York (September 9th), London (September 16th), Milan (September 20th), and Paris (September 26th). Alongside back-to-school, you also have European mobility week (September 16th), Oktoberfest (September 17th) and world tourism day (September 27th). Looking for other events? Download our marketing calendar 2022!

October 2022 calendar

October goes with Halloween! But as you know, there is more, of course. So be inspired by international coffee day (October 1st), world vegetarian day (October 1st), world animal day (October 4th) or bosses day (October 16th). The Brussels marathon (October 2nd) and the Amsterdam marathon (October 16th) also mark October 2022.


November 2022 calendar

This year, November 2022 will rhythmed by with the FIFA World Cup, starting on November 21st and ending on December 18th. Besides that, make sure your Black Friday (November 25th) and end-of-year marketing campaigns are ready. You also can leverage Movember (all month), sandwich day (November 3rd), international students’ day (November 17th) and world hello day (November 21st).

December 2022 calendar

Let’s celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, a.k.a Christmas! If you want to launch marketing actions around other events in December, why not do something around human rights day (December 10th), international mountain day (December 11th) or bake cookies day (December 18th). And of course you’ll need to encourage your audience to create content for ugly Christmas sweater day (December 16th). Don’t forget also that digital Advent calendars are just perfect to engage your audience during the festive season.


There you go! Download the marketing calendar 2022, like other 10,000+ marketers, to discover all the dates you shouldn’t miss as well as campaign ideas to stand out from the crowd. And if you’re looking for always-on marketing campaigns ideas to engage your audience throughout the year, we have the article made for you.