From engagement to customer conversion: how Decathlon uses interactive content in its marketing strategy

The current context has accelerated the transition to digital. This was confirmed by the 10 marketing experts with whom we had exchanged. Brands have re-evaluated how they connect with their digital consumers. Olivier Flament, data & direct marketing manager at Decathlon Belgium, shares the same opinion. The world’s largest sporting goods retailer has been looking for other forms of digital connections, alongside traditional connections. Among other things, the retailer has relied on Facebook lives and used the Qualifio platform to get closer to its customers and create a real feeling of closeness, a community of passionate sportsmen and women with whom to play, exchange, connect, learn and keep moving.

Despite a very complicated economic year and a decrease in traffic due to the current measures, the company also saw an increase in its eCommerce, currently representing 20% of its turnover. What are the marketing challenges for a company like Decathlon, especially in this new reality we are facing? And how is interactive marketing integrated into its strategy? This is what we tried to understand with Olivier Flament.

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About Decathlon
“Sustainably make the pleasures and benefits of sport accessible to the many.”
Decathlon, world’s largest sporting goods retailer, brings together two activities: the creation of sports products and their distribution online and in-store. The company aims to meet the needs of current and future sportsmen and women by offering them a multitude of sports items and services in a single location. Since 2017, Decathlon has been using interactive content in its marketing strategy.


What is Qualifio?

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