Back-to-school season is the big marketing event after the summer holidays. How did our customers manage to engage their digital audiences and interact with them in September? Let’s go for our 5 favourite back-to-school campaigns.

1. The movie drive campaign

After its successful campaign for the Champions League final, Pepsi MAX decided to reiterate its movie drive experience. The brand offered its community the chance to win open-air cinema tickets for the movie of their choice.

  1. They had first to choose between different movies: Frozen VS The Lion King, La la land VS Harry Potter, Gladiator VS Skyfall, The devil wears Prada VS A star is born — an excellent way to know its audience preferences and adapt its the movie drive program;
  2. Then, they had to guess the weight of a pack of 6 cans of Pepsi Max 33cl;
  3. Finally, they had to fill out a form in which an opt-in for Pepsi MAX newsletter was offered.


2. The co-branded campaign

To celebrate the early stages of their collaboration, Horst and Keytrade Bank decided to give their communities the chance to win a unique experience: DJ sets, a wonderful dinner and a show full of surprises in an extraordinary location. Participants had to answer two questions and fill out a form to be one of the lucky winners, maybe. In total, 45 duo-tickets were given away.


3. The recruitment campaign

The Belgian football club RSCA decided to use the Qualifio platform to recruit a new member in its team in a more interactive way. Through the survey format, they asked five questions to the applicants: name, email address, level of education, background, and they also asked them to upload their resume.

The football club launched the campaign in English, French and Dutch and promoted it, among other things, on LinkedIn.


4. The healthy campaign

To get back on track after the summer, the French cooking website Cuisine AZ decided to offer HelloFresh boxes to its audience. First, the cooking website launched a personality testwhich recipe are you?” enabling participants to find out what they would get in their boxes. Then, participants had to register themselves through a form to participate in the winners’ draw.
It’s both an exciting contest for Cuisine AZ readers and an excellent opportunity for the website to collect valuable information on its readers cooking preferences for its next communications.


5. The responsible campaign

The energy company Engie Belgium decided to launch a survey to its database via its newsletter. The survey was asking recipients if they were completely switching off their electrical appliances after use. Through this action, the company wanted to raise awareness on the number of devices in standby we have in our homes and help users to learn how to identify them to limit their consumption.


6. The moving campaign

You know back-to-school is often synonymous with moving. That’s why the Belgian telecommunications company Proximus decided to launch a contest to win an all-in moving pack. Participants had to:

  1. Solve a puzzle;
  2. Answer a follow-up question;
  3. Leave their contact details;
  4. Hope to be contacted and be one of the winners.

A campaign running monthly till the end of the year (because Belgians are not only moving during the back-to-school period), that was also promoted originally on Instagram Stories!



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