Mother’s Day is over; it is now time to think about the dads, grandpas, fathers-in-law, uncles, and so of your community. We’ve gathered 10 creative and interactive marketing campaign ideas to celebrate dads and make them feel loved and appreciated during this lockdown. If you need more details to easily and quickly launch such campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact us ?.

1. A calendar full of surprises

Make Father’s Day last a week longer by launching a digital calendar. Choose your calendar duration (3,5,10 days or more) and reveal every day a new contest, promo, game, challenge or any other content you want. An interactive and original way to encourage the dads of your community or their children to come back to your channels.

Alternative: you can also launch a wheel of fortune. All you need to do is to set your prizes and let participants spin the wheel to find out if they’ve won. Make your wheel last a few days and make one person win every day.


2. A yesterday VS today photo contest

Give the floor to your community through a photo contest! The photo contest is a must-have that can quickly go viral. Moreover, the main benefit of a photo contest is that your community takes care of promoting your business. Imagine a photo contest in which your Internet users would have to reproduce an old photo of their dad. After posting their photo, participants would have to share your contest, and especially their photo, to collect as many likes as possible and win the reward.

Tip: you can customise your photo contest by choosing from 8 different gallery layouts.


3. A TV dads quiz

Create a “sudden death” quiz on the best dads on series. In this type of quiz, the participant is excluded from the first wrong answer. This format is highly challenging and well-suited to encourage participants to come back on your channels and replay to reach the final question! Add a gift related to the series to attract even more participants.


Another idea of a sudden death quiz: imagine a quiz for the dads of your audience, such as “how long will you survive alone in the mountains?”. Ask them questions like “you don’t have any more water in your bottle what are you doing?” and eliminate them as from the first wrong answer. Then, offer your audience advice or products that could be useful for them during their various excursions, for example.

4. A sports video contest

Challenges are very popular, and they’ve become even more viral during the lockdown because they’ve kept us occupied. Image a sports challenge for the dads of your community! Dare them to share a video of them doing sports with their kids, wife or pets, make your community vote for the sportiest and most original video and reward the winner.


5. A DIY contest

To make its readers feel cared for, the Danish magazine Gør Det Selv, had the idea to organise a photo contest in partnership with the multinational Bosch. The concept was simple: participants had to upload a picture of their DIY projects and describe them for a chance to win Bosh tools. To validate their participation, they had to enter their contact details in a form, in which an opt-in for both companies was proposed. A campaign example that you can easily replicate for Father’s Day!


6. A stars’ dads memory

Launch a memory around Hollywood dads. It’s a simple and well-known game: participants must find pairs of identical or complementary cards presented face down, in the lowest time and fewest clicks possible. This is an ideal way to highlight your products or test your audience’s knowledge on a specific theme.


7. A jackpot with a unique product to win

The jackpot is the ideal format to highlight your products and offer a gift to your audience’s dads. Imagine a special edition of your product for Father’s Day, or any other gift-related or not to your business. Users will only have to hit the jackpot to discover whether or not they have won instantly.


8. A “find the hidden object and win it for your daddy” quiz

Similarly, invite users to find an item hidden within a picture and win it for their dad. Give them a series of clues about the object they need to find (e.g. how it looks like, a silhouette, a textual description or a name). Then, they will just have to click over the item as they find it.

And you, will you be able to find the hidden object in this image? It’s up to you!

9. A Father’s Day personality test

The personality test is a very popular format. Imagine a personality test related to your business sector or current events and let your community discover its corresponding profile according to its answers.

  • Which car best fits you?
  • Which Avenger is your daddy?
  • What kind of dad are you?
  • Etc.



10. A message of love for dad

For Father’s Day, Tesco, the UK’s number one supermarket, helped its customers to show some love to their dad by spreading their message via microphones in their supermarkets.

The STIB-MIVB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company) also launched such a campaign last year for Valentine’s Day. Travellers were invited to share their most beautiful declaration of love through a writing contest. The winning declarations were then displayed on the network’s wait time screens at various locations in Brussels.

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