Best Father’s Day interactive marketing campaign examples


  • “Who said it” quizCelebrate dads on TV for Father’s Day with this “Who said it” quiz!What you’ll need: iconic TV characters, fun and well-thought-out quotes, multimedia clues (images, videos, sounds) to make it easier for your users aaaand that’s it, you’re done!
  • Best dad jokes writing contestLet’s face it: even if they are often very bad, dad jokes are the funniest and everyone knows of at least one! This year, build on user-generated content for Father’s Day.Organize a writing contest and ask your audiences to share their best dad joke. Then, allow your online community to vote for their favourite one(s).
  • Dad VS son battleAaaah celebrity fathers… They make us dream with their perfect body and their charming smile… and their kids too!Engage your audience in a playful way by organising a dad and son battle! Ask your audience to choose who is the hottest between two entries and display graphs with a ranking of the most popular entries
  • Gift guide with discount couponHelp your users find THE perfect gift. Create a custom gift guide with your products or those of your advertisers and help your participants discover what they should offer to their dad based on his preferences. And with conditional branching options, you will be able to easily adapt the questions of your guide according to the answers of your participants! Tip: You can use the exit screen in different ways! To allow your users to end their test with a purchase on your online store for example, offer them a personalized discount coupon (based on the gift idea that comes up)
  • World cup jackpotThe World Cup is coming! Take this opportunity to create a Jackpot around football and invite your users to play for a chance to win duo tickets for them and their dad. The jackpot format is a good way to highlight your partners and your advertisers!
  • Tinder like personality testLeverage the swiper’s fun and popular format to create your personality test! Dads will have to swipe left or right to answer the questions and discover the kind of dad they are. Then, encourage them to share their profile on social media! You can also have the same questionnaire filled by their children.
  • The BBQ shell gameTake advantage of the Shell game format to highlight your product or those of your advertisers. In this game, a prize is placed behind one of the containers.The player is then invited to click on the container they believe holds the object. Each time they play, the prize is placed behind another container so it can go on forever!


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