Summer is approaching, and you know what that means — long sunny days and new adventures your brand can leverage! This year is packed with exciting events, from major events like the Olympics and the European Football Championship to seasonal favourites like vacations, sales, beach outings, and outdoor festivals. It’s the ideal moment to launch amazing summer marketing campaigns that capture the vibrant energy of the season.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to connect with your audience and boost your sales with engaging and creative summer marketing campaigns.

In our past articles, we’ve shared innovative campaigns to help you boost your creativity and make the most of the season. This year, we compiled the very best of our summer marketing campaign ideas to make your brand shine under the summer sun and help you enrich your database.

Get ready to be inspired!

Summer marketing campaigns using our standard formats

1. Quiz: festival riddle

As the sun shines brighter, the festival season kicks off, bringing people together for music, food, and celebration. Are you looking for a fun way to collect first-party and zero-party data? Check out our riddle quiz in which participants have to find the festival hidden behind the riddle. And you can make it extra special by offering the winners tickets to one of the festivals!


2. Battle: the best summer looks

With summer also comes the summer sales! With brands from everywhere leveraging this seasonal event, standing out from the competition can sometimes be a challenge. What about launching a battle campaign in which you let participants decide their favourite recipe, products or looks? 

This format is not only original but also helps you discover your audience’s preferences. If you’re in the fashion industry, this will be the perfect way to find out what they think of your collections.

In our example, we created a fashion battle in which participants have to choose their favourite looks. And don’t forget to add a CTA to your website to boost your sales!

3. Jackpot: travel edition

Everyone dreams of a summer escape! This year, engage your audience with an exciting travel jackpot. Spin the virtual slot machine, and if players hit three identical images, they get to win a fabulous prize to make that dream vacation a reality!

This is an original way for brands and tourism companies to boost their visibility and give away exclusive discounts. 


4. Personality test: what kind of traveller are you?

Are you looking to enrich your database? A personality test is the perfect solution! It allows you to gather valuable data and boost your sales by targeting products to specific customer profiles based on their answers.

And there’s more! This format has the potential to go viral on social media, as participants love sharing their profile results and encouraging others to join in and play. 

In our example, participants need to answer several questions about what they like when travelling. They get their traveller profile on the exit screen based on their answers!


5. Hidden object: find the sunscreen

With summer comes rising temperatures and increased sun exposure, making it the ideal time to educate your web users about the benefits and risks of the sun. Why not do it in an interactive way? We’ve created a fun prevention campaign using a “hidden object” game. 

Participants must find the sunscreen hidden in the image before the character turns red. You can also use the exit screen to highlight the health risks of UV rays,  promote sun safety awareness and redirect users to your website.

Summer marketing campaigns using our advanced formats and our Studio team creations

1. Calendar: summer journal

Calendars are always a great way to collect data, engage your audience and retain them. Indeed, daily participation encourages individuals to return day after day, eagerly participating in each successive campaign!

Not everyone is lucky enough to go on holiday during this period, so why not keep your audience engaged with a calendar that offers a new campaign each day? Make it even more exciting by adding prizes for each campaign to incentivise participation.

Take a look at this amazing horizontal summer calendar designed by our talented Studio team. It’s a perfect example of how customisable calendars can be to fit your unique vision and keep your audience entertained all summer long.


2. Catcher: a taste of summer

If you’re an ice cream fan, or believe there is no such thing as summer without it, this next game is made for you! We created an exciting ice cream catcher game in which participants can catch toppings into their bowls. 

This format is perfect for audience engagement and data collection as gamification is more likely to encourage participation.

You can access our catcher game through the advanced formats add-on, an optional upgrade to your current license. This paid add-on provides exclusive games that will elevate your campaigns. Do you also want to launch your own advanced format? Contact us for more details!


3. Swap & match: let’s go to the beach

If you’re searching for another engaging game to increase audience time on your digital channels, a swap & match is always a great option!

You will need to select the items for your audience to swap and align into rows or columns, customise the design and music to fit your preferences and brand’s identity, and you’re ready to go! 

Try out our summer edition, in which we’ve envisioned a swap & match featuring parasols to be swapped. And it already feels like summer!

We hope our summer marketing campaigns have sparked your creativity and left you with a taste of the energy brought by the upcoming season! If you need more inspiration, don’t hesitate to look at our past articles and e-books on the same topic. Do you have an amazing campaign idea but can’t find it in our catalogue? Reach out to us, and let’s bring it to life!

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