The countdown has officially begun! The anticipation is rising as we prepare for the European Men’s Football Championship 2024. Hosted by Germany from June 14th to July 14th, fans from every corner of Europe will come together, hoping to witness their home team claim the famous cup.

Watched by millions of people every four years, it is one of the most anticipated events in the football calendar. Just like the upcoming Olympic games or the Tour de France, this will be a prime opportunity for brands and media to connect with a passionate global audience and boost their awareness. 

Get ready for this special event and check out our 9 football marketing campaigns crafted by our talented Studio team to spark your inspiration.

Be inspired

9 interactive football marketing campaigns to leverage

Leveraging this competition will allow you to engage your audience and collect valuable first-party and zero-party data, making a lasting impact and leaving a memorable impression.

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About the formats used for our football marketing campaigns 

Our standards formats

When it comes to creating interactive marketing campaigns, anything is possible! Whether it’s a photo editor or a battle, our standard formats offer endless possibilities for creating the perfect football marketing campaign.

If you are curious about the ones we used in our interactive landing page, join us as we dive deeper into the details:

1. Blind testEngage your audience while adding a touch of originality to your campaign. How does it work? Add music samples to your quiz and let participants find the correct artist or missing lyrics. 

2. Photo contest Connect with your audience by encouraging them to share moments from their lives. They upload a picture and vote for their favourites!

3. Hidden object – Are you looking for a fresh approach to promoting your new product and catching your audience’s attention? This format is for you! Hide your product in a picture of your choice for participants to find. 

4. Battle – This format is ideal for showcasing your product range and boosting your sales! Let participants decide on their favourite one and take the opportunity to redirect them to your website.

5. Prediction – This is a go-to for any sports-themed campaign and can also be a great way to give discounts or any type of voucher. The concept is simple: predict the outcome of an event (a football match, for example) for a chance to win.

Our advanced formats

Our advanced formats are part of an add-on to your license. Like any other formats, they are fully customisable to fit your needs and brand identity and will enable you to create amazing arcades and skill games effortlessly.

Each game provides a unique opportunity to engage your audience in a fun way and extend their time spent on your digital platforms.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Check out which format you can leverage to launch your next interactive football marketing campaign.

1. Penalty game – The aim is simple: players must beat the goalkeeper and score penalties to win. 

2. Obstacle run – In this format, participants need to catch as many good objects as possible while dodging the obstacles. 

3. Catcher – Here again, the goal is quite self-explanatory. Participants need to catch as many objects as possible in order to get the best score for a chance to win.

4. Maze muncher – This new format allows you to create your own “Pac-Man” game! Choose your hero and captors, and let the player munch all the points and bonuses to boost their score.

Here comes the end of our football marketing campaign inspiration article. We hope that it sparked your creativity and that you feel ready to launch your next campaign! Do you need more inspiration? Dive into our past article on the same topic! And if you have an amazing campaign idea but can’t find it in our catalogue, contact us and let’s see what we can work out! 🚀

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