Zero- and first-party data collection at the centre of Valencia CF’s digital strategy

Valencia Football Club, also known as Valencia CF, is the leading football club in the city of Valencia in Spain. The club has a rich history, with many titles and trophies, and currently plays in La Liga, the first division of Spanish football.

In March 2021, Valencia CF decided to start relying more and more on digital animation by using the Qualifio Engage platform. As we have seen in the others success stories of LOSC Lille and Toulouse Football Club, the digital world is evolving very fast, and football clubs are not immune to these changes. Therefore, a lot of them are accelerating their digital transformation, developing a data collection strategy and reinforcing their online presence to meet their supporters’ expectations.

Managed and used by a marketing team of six, the Qualifio Engage platform is today part of Valencia CF’s digital marketing strategy, enabling the club to reach four significant goals:

  1. Grow their database by collecting new newsletter subscribers, with zero-party and first-party data.
  2. Know their supporters better by collecting valuable insights and feedback from them.-
  3. Increase their sponsors’ visibility by including interactive advertising formats in their offering.
  4. Engage their database thanks to fun and interactive games.

Discover in Valencia CF’s success story how the club uses the interactive formats of Qualifio Engage to conquer, get to know better, monetise and engage their community of fans and this, not only on match days but on a recurrent basis.

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