Think of September as an important, exciting month for brands trying to capture the attention of their audiences, especially during back-to-school time. 

Curious to see how brands engage with their consumers in September? Let’s take a closer look at our favourite interactive marketing campaigns from last month.

1. SNCB’s concert contest

September kicks off a new school year with many new activities to test. SNCB, the company that manages the Belgian railways, launched with their partners a contest offering travellers the opportunity to win a combo ticket (train + concert) to the concert of their choice. 

The contest was divided into three parts: 

  1. First, participants had to vote for the concert of their choice; 
  2. Then, they had to answer a question about the combo ticket offered by SNCB; 
  3. Finally, SNCB asked participants two funny questions about concert halls before displaying a form asking for their contact information.

In total, the SNCB has put more than 70 tickets up for grabs!


2. FC Groningen co-branded campaign

In partnership with Pearle Opticiens, FC Groningen imagined a “guess who?” game, challenging participants to guess the players from a blurred image. A funny campaign to launch with a brand that specialises in the best eye care!

Participants who managed to guess the FC Groningen players were then eligible to win a Pearle Opticiens gift card.


3. KitKat’s couponing campaign

For back-to-school, KitKat invited consumers to try their new breakfast cereals. How? By offering coupons sent by email! To receive their coupons, participants had to fill out a short form giving their name, email address and date of birth. The form also included an option to sign up for KitKat’s newsletter in order to increase the number of subscribers!

4. Foodsters’ pizza contest

The Foodsters community, which allows consumers to discover products for free, launched a contest around Italian cuisine. To participate, consumers had to play a quiz with questions about Miracoli sauces. The prize? An outdoor pizza oven and accessories for the perfect pizza maker, a gift worth €500.


5. LINDA.’s unique code campaign

In September, LINDA. magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary. They printed unique codes on their magazine to mark the occasion, giving access to an online contest. Readers simply had to acquire the magazine’s latest edition and enter the unique code online. They instantly discovered whether or not they had won any extraordinary activities.


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