London calling! After nearly two years of hardly attending any in-person events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re really excited to be attending The Publishing Show in London on March 8-9th!

Last held in March 2021, the event is the main UK event for B2B and B2C publishers, newspapers and content providers. Held at the ExCel London in East London, the event aims to provide insights into how far the publishing industry has come in the past year and look forward to the future developments.

Qualifio will have a booth at the event (C39PS), manned by Felicity, Antoine and Gonzalo, who are very excited to be travelling again, and our co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Olivier Simonis, will be pitching Qualifio to the ‘Developing Audiences’ theatre.


“After 2 years without any physical events, we are so excited to be meeting again with top British and European publishers: Qualifio has been working closely with over 100 major publishers for the past 10 years, and The Publishing Show is the perfect opportunity to exchange with them on the current trends and challenges in the market.”

– Olivier Simonis – Qualifio, Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Shaping the future of publishing and media

Like most industries in the digital age, the publishing industry is advancing and changing at a phenomenal pace. It is therefore key for publishers and media companies to understand their audiences, build communities, monetise their content and make their transition to digital. And these are only a few of the challenges the sector is facing.

With 4 focused content theatres hosting keynote speeches from key thought leaders in the industry, The Publishing Show aims to explore and address topics that affect the industry, such as paywalls, subscriptions, marketing, data analytics, community development and many more.

Qualifio’s co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Olivier Simonis, who was formerly Marketing Director for Belgian media group Rossel, will be delivering a pitch in the ‘Developing Audiences’ theatre about how Qualifio can help publishers and media companies to monetise their audiences with data collection and engagement. He will be showcasing customer cases from major European publishers such as Vocento, Prisma, Bonnier and NGroup, and demonstrating how interactive marketing can be used to boost audience engagement and monetisation.

The presentations given in the ‘Developing Audiences’ theatre will aim to equip media professionals with empowering learnings on the latest trends and available technology in the MarTech world, thus helping them to gain a more strategic understanding of their audience.

Visit Qualifio on booth C39PS

Showcasing both our data collection and interactive marketing platform, Qualifio Engage, and our new loyalty platform, Qualifio Loyalty, on our booth at the event (C39PS), 4 members of the Qualifio team, from our Louvain-la-Neuve, Madrid and Paris offices, will be attending the event in London : Olivier Simonis, Antoine Le Sage, head of Sales, Gonzalo Leal Lillo, Sales Manager, and Felicity Still, Brand & Content Manager.

Our aim will be to show the delegates attending the event that interactive marketing and loyalty programs can help them to grow their traffic, qualify and segment their audience, increase their audience loyalty and engagement, increase their number of paying subscribers, and upsell and monetise their content.

Curious to find out more about how Qualifio can help media companies with their audience engagement? Check out these customer use cases: Vocento, Bonnier and NGroup.

See you in London?