Recently, we’ve started providing a way to embed third-party games into campaigns and connect them to the data ecosystem our customers built within Qualifio. To showcase this new capability, we’ve been experimenting with our own innovative game products, which are not available in the self-service model of our platform (only via the Studio). We want to make sure that you are aware of what we are doing and what it means for you.

Why is it important?

On the one hand, it enabled us to spend more time developing a strong roadmap. We focused on building features that our customers need to get more ownership on their data (we began 2021 with a major update of our webhooks). We truly believe it will help them enrich their own first-party data and run effective marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, our customers are mainly choosing Qualifio as their engagement and data collection platform for three reasons:

  1. We comply with their cloud certification requirements and security assessments. Within large and decentralised organisations, Qualifio becomes the secure, certified and compliant tool to collect consumers’ personal data. The security team is happy.
  2. We integrate data with their existing tools. A profile collected in Qualifio will be sent in real-time to the CRM, synchronised with the SSO, etc. The data/CRM team is happy.
  3. We allow marketers to build innovative and efficient engagement and data collection campaigns, in a few clicks. Without long technical developments or high costs. The marketing team is happy.

But marketing teams are demanding. (And they are right.)

The need for businesses to create unique experiences to engage with their audiences was true before COVID. But now it has become even stronger.

Customers challenge us on our catalogue of campaigns, always looking for new and innovative formats. They come with this great game idea that we don’t have available today. Their agency is ready to develop it. But for a one-shot campaign, it’s too costly or simply impossible for the agency to comply with complicated security requirements and certifications or to build custom, often complex data integrations. Frustration.

This is now solved.

Introducing our new SDK integration for custom games

Thanks to recent developments by our innovation team, our customers now have the possibility to develop a game and plug it into their Qualifio secure data collection flow. Their agency can propose and develop an original, fully custom game experience. The data collection flow stays in Qualifio, certifying that personal data is handled in a compliant and secure way.

We’re excited to announce our first successful in-house experiments: we’ve developed the runner game, the catcher game and the Repeat it!. And we were able to integrate them into Qualifio campaigns. These games are now also part of our catalogue as “premium” formats, which means that they can be added to your own campaigns for a small additional cost.

Qualifio's premium games

But these are just some ideas of what you could create, and the possibilities for your marketing extend well beyond that. Actually, we were lucky enough to gain the trust of a customer in the UK who tested this on their side – with success.

A custom ski game in Qualifio

I guess we can now say we mix the best of two worlds: a compliant SaaS platform and custom game development.

I’m convinced this will open new opportunities for partnerships with agencies and game development studios, as well as more creative options for our customers to collect consent-based data in full compliance with their internal guidelines.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re turning our backs on the expansion of our catalogue or that we will stop launching new “standard” games. Our customers will always be at the centre of our decision making. We are committed to investing our time and resources in the new product features that will help you develop world-class interactive experiences and collect qualitative first-party data. More features are coming, and we’ll be building and integrating those into the Qualifio tool you love.