Linking the digital and physical worlds with interactive marketing and couponing

Pågen’s success story with Qualifio and ClearOn

Pågen is Sweden’s leading bakery. The family run business bakes over 60 different products that can be found in all Swedish grocery stores but also in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany. Their star product is the Nordic region’s best-selling coffee bread, Gifflar.


Looking to find new solutions to reach their consumers, both in store and online, and get to know them better, the bakery saw the potential of a collaboration with ClearOn and Qualifio to create interactive campaigns that could create engagement in their target groups. 


Thanks to the Qualifio platform, Pågen were able to engage their consumers in a fun and easy way by proposing a wide range of interactive formats where participants could compete for great prizes.

The brand was also able to encourage website visitors to stay for longer than usual by enabling them to play the games more than once. A great way to increase their visibility!


The collaboration with Qualifio started with individual Studio campaigns, created by our professional graphic designers, for their various sub-brands. Once they were convinced of the power of these interactive campaigns, they opted for a licence and were able to access Qualifio Engage and create more campaigns themselves. 

Thanks to the integration with ClearOn, they were able to add mobile sampling coupons to their Qualifio campaigns. Connecting mobile coupons to their coupons helped them to drive traffic to stores and boost trials of their whole range of products.

We’re incredibly happy and proud of the fact that Pågen has been able to leverage Qualifio’s potential to create engaging interactive campaigns that gather valuable consumer data while at the same time making excellent use of our coupons. In the current consumer landscape, where shoppers are increasingly price-sensitive, it’s becoming all the more important to provide consumers with relevant, personalised digital offers that drive in-store sales and boost brand engagement.

Alexandra Sjöberg Digital Project Manager @ ClearOn

Gifflar’s puzzle campaign: from engagement to data collection

Pågen used the Qualifio platform during the winter school holidays to activate their brand Gifflar throughout the Nordics region. They were able to create campaigns across all their markets in different languages.


There were some amazing prizes up for grabs, including car roof boxes, cosy Gifflar cushions and digital sampling coupons. The campaign was communicated with in store materials and on packaging, giving it as much exposure as possible, and was also supported by social media advertising.


The format chosen for this particular campaign was the puzzle, challenging participants to rebuild an image in the shortest time possible. The game could be played multiple times, so that contestants could improve their score and feature on the Top 50 leaderboard. The winners were later drawn from this list once the campaign ended.

In order to achieve a high organic spread, the brand encouraged people to share the game and their results on social media, as they could also compete for an extra prize. The campaign was given an additional push with daily draws of digital sampling coupons, for free bags of Gifflar to be picked up in store. This drove trial purchases of the product and an increase in traffic to stores.


Overall, 700 people shared the campaign, giving the campaign around 140,000 views, on top of the advertising done by Pågen. In Sweden, the brand managed to get:


We are very happy with the results of this campaign and we particularly appreciate the fact that we’re able to track these results and the campaign’s performance in real time with Qualifio. We can analyse numbers such as unique players and participations, enabling us to further build our digital strategy.

Lidija Baljak Senior Trade Marketing Manager @ Pågen

With Qualifio, Pågen are collecting precious and valuable first- and zero-party data they can then leverage for personalisation purposes but also for product development. Data that they will and have already prioritised in their digital marketing strategy.

The interactive campaigns created with Qualifio allow us to collect first- and zero-party data from our consumers to be able after to send them personalised offers, develop our products and launch more effective media campaigns.

Lidija Baljak Senior Trade Marketing Manager @ Pågen

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