Our third product update for 2022 includes a brand-new tag library to manage your tracking tags in one centralised place and help you measure your campaign performance.

First things first: what is a tag?

Tracking tags, sometimes called “pixels”, are short snippets of JavaScript code, usually originating from third-party martech vendors. Companies implement these codes on their websites, mobile apps and other digital channels to gather relevant digital marketing data, analyse results and create remarketing lists.

Examples of tags include Google Analytics tracking, and retargeting pixels from Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, etc.

By adding tracking tags to your Qualifio campaigns, you can communicate information about user behaviour and conversions to an external analytics system.

What’s new?

The new Tag Library enables Admin users to create reusable tags and to centrally manage and control those tags in one dedicated place in Qualifio Engage.

This update also makes it easier for marketers and non-technical people to implement their campaign tracking and measure more events in line with the company’s standards for privacy and security.

3 benefits of the Tag Library: protect privacy, save time and reduce errors in data collection

1. Stay compliant with data privacy laws

As user privacy expectations evolve, marketers need to adjust their tracking processes. The Tag Library offers an updated approach to digital tagging. It is specially designed for ensuring data governance and protection while ensuring marketers can track campaign performance in the best way possible.

To help you avoid problems related to unsafe data collection practices, the Tag Library also gives you better control over how and where tags are being used. A dedicated tab enables you to see where each tag is currently deployed in your account:

The “Usage” allows account Administrators to see how many times and where each tag is used.

2. Save time for your teams

Are your teams spending way too much time bogged down in manual, error-prone work?

Have you ever missed out on conversion tracking because code wasn’t implemented properly in the campaign or because it contained duplicate tags?

If you’re nodding right now, you’re not alone.

One of the frustrations we hear from marketers is how challenging it can be to organise tags in such a way that entire teams can quickly find and work with specific tags. They simply don’t have hours to search for their Google Tag Manager tracking tag, Facebook retargeting pixel or CMP integration script.

With the Qualifio Tag Library, Admins can build and manage a library that works across their whole account. This allows them to implement changes and fixes in seconds.

Once the library is created, Marketer and Editor users can add analytics and other tags to their campaigns. No need to deal with the scripts directly!

They can even use text search to find the tags they’re looking for during the process of adding tags to a campaign! Check it out:

When you’re creating or editing a campaign, you have the option to add one or more tracking tags coming from your library.

By decreasing the amount of time it takes to configure campaigns, you can accelerate campaign time to market and free up valuable marketing and IT resources for strategic projects. Fewer mistakes = more productivity.

⭐️ Bonus: Does your company have several websites or other complex needs? Tag variables can help you to save even more time by eliminating the need for duplicate tags.

3. Collect the right data, every time

Finally, a consistent configuration helps improve measurement, leading to better-quality insights.

The Tag Library empowers you to develop clear, more effective policies and standardise your tagging plan across your campaigns. It makes it easier to set up site-wide tagging and to combine or reuse tags.

You can easily add or remove any existing tags, either from a single campaign or from your Qualifio website or template entirely:

It is possible to apply tags to individual campaigns, websites or even templates.

Dive deeper into the Tag Library

With the Tag Library, you’ll be able to create a tagging plan, empowering your team to track performance efficiently and saving time when creating campaigns. As your team and your strategy evolve, you can create, edit, archive or delete tags as needed.

Last note: The Tag Library is available in your Qualifio account already. Existing tag implementations will continue to work and will automatically become part of your library once you decide to start using it. To make sure your upgrade process goes as smoothly as possible, read our guide on how to migrate to the Qualifio Tag Library.

Companies that already use a third-party tag management system (TMS) such as Google Tag Manager or Tealium iQ will also be able to start using Qualifio even easier with the Tag Library. If you need more how-to docs, we’ve got them for you here.

And that’s a wrap for this product update. As always, your feedback is most welcome. Thank you for reading and watch out for some more updates coming your way soon! 😉