Last year at the same time, we were publishing the first article of our COVID-19 series. Our users created campaigns to let their audience speak about their lockdown experiences, provide them with useful content and entertain them to keep them busy. One year later, what kind of campaigns are they creating? Discover it in this article, gathering our favourites interactive marketing campaign of March 2021.

1. PepsiCo’s contest

In the same logic as its movie drive campaign and its campaign for the Champions League final, PepsiCo launched a contest to promote its product Pepsi MAX and its partnership with the Champions League. With this contest live until the end of May and giving away 10 TVs, PepsiCo wants to enable fans to bring the Champions League in their living room. To enter the contest, participants need to buy Pepsi MAX products and upload their purchase receipt. Then, they have to fill out a form in which an opt-in for Pepsi MAX’s newsletter is offered. A great campaign to boost its sales and increase its brand awareness.


2. Delhaize & Galler’s catcher games

The retailer Delhaize and the Galler chocolate factory decided to use our Studio team’s expertise to create a catcher game for Easter. The game concept is simple: participants have to catch as many eggs as possible and avoid eggshells.

Delhaize’s objective with this campaign is to engage its audience, exactly like its virtual egg hunt last year. Participants can participate as many times as they want. Once the game is completed, they are redirected to Delhaize website pages showcasing recipes ideas for Easter. They also have the possibility to share the campaign on Facebook to increase the retailer’s visibility.


Galler, on its side, is making its catcher game more challenging by daring participants to get the highest score for a chance to win €50 of Galler chocolates. Via this campaign, the chocolate factory collects useful and valuable data about participants such as their date of birth, postal code or email address to send them its communications and offers.



3. Diario AS’ battle

The Spanish sports magazine Diario AS created a stunning interactive landing page dedicated to two iconic basketball players: Michael Jordan and LeBron James. After highlighting their greatest achievements, powers, pros and cons, readers are invited to vote for their favourite player. After their vote, the magazine asks them two segmentation questions: their gender and age group. Already 12,590 users participated in the vote!


4. Stade Rennais’ wheel of fortune

The Stade Rennais Football Club decided to give its partner PokerStars Sports visibility through a special co-branded action. Together, they launched a wheel of fortune full of prizes: penalty shootouts with players, official jerseys, €2 free bets on PokerStars Sports, PokerStars Sports bags, Playstation 5, etc.


What is particularly great about this campaign?

  • The Football Club offers exclusive and unique prizes, like the penalty shootouts — ideal for making its campaign go viral and increasing its brand awareness.
  • Participants can spin the wheel every day — an excellent way to encourage users to come back to its channels and increase recurring website traffic.
  • For an extra chance to spin the wheel, participants have to share the campaign on Facebook — perfect to increase the Stade Rennais’ visibility.
  • All participants are winners and receive €2 free bets on PokerStars Sports — a good way to increase accounts created on PokerStars Sports.
  • An opt-in for Stade Rennais and PokerStars Sports newsletters are proposed in the form — ideal for increasing their database and getting email addresses from a target and interested audience.


5. ŠKODA’s memory game

To celebrate its 125 years, ŠKODA launched a memory game. The first 500 participants won tickets to ŠKODA’s exhibition “From past to future”. Simultaneously, the brand was launching another campaign proposing its audience with a ŠKODA ancestor or other collector’s items the opportunity to exhibit them at its 125 years exhibition. A nice campaign to promote its cars and increase its brand awareness and visibility while involving its customers.

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