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Buzzfeed-like formats now available in Qualifio

Buzzfeed is one of the most visited information websites (according to Quantcast, they have around half a billion visits per month!). This website is well known for its ability to create interactions to engage its audience. This is made possible thanks to quizzes, polls and tests they keep creating. The particular “Buzzfeed format” is highly visual, made of a lot of pictures and on a single page.

So… We couldn’t resist offering you this format! We’ve developed a new format for quizzes, personality tests & polls or votes. It’s called ‘one-page with images’ and it’s very easy to create in Qualifio.

1. One-page quiz with images

Sports Quiz by HLN (part of media group De Persgroep)

2. One-page personality test with images

Editorial Campaign around the Kardashian-Jenner family by Elle Magazine

3. One-page poll with images

Campaign by EPI (Spain)


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