Campaign of the month: the great photo contest of La Dépêche

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La Dépêche du Midi, a regional newspaper from the South of France, called in the Studio Qualifio to carry out a major photo contest.

The readership of La Dépêche was asked to elect their photo of the year 2015. There were 120 photos to choose from and 113 prizes involved: visits to the newspaper office, tablets, books… This contest was a real success, with more than 6700 participants!

In order to do this, the designers of Qualifio created a tailor-made “Landing page” campaign. Participants were invited to pick a department (configured as clickable images).


They were then redirected to a 12-photos gallery. The pictures had all made the news in their respective department in 2015.


The purpose was to encourage the reader to vote for the year’s best picture. From a technical point of view, behind each department was a “Photo contest” campaign. After completion of the contest, La Dépêche drew lots from all participants and distributed the prizes to the winners.

The photo that received the biggest proportion of votes was associated to The Gers. It was taken by the reporter Nedir Debbiche on January 8, the day after the Charlie Hebdo shooting, on the Place de la Libération, in Auch.

La Dépêche-winner


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