New features in Qualifio

Easily delete participations in the statistics

You can now easily delete one or several participations in the stats of your campaigns. A handy feature to delete your tests without having to purge the campaign, for example.


How to delete participations in my campaign?

Use Qualifio as a coregistration tool

If you use Qualifio as a coregistration tool, you will now be able to display the Qualifio coreg screen behind any form or piece of content on your website. Generate additional revenues by easily inserting a coregistration screen presenting your partners. You just need to create this screen in Qualifio and make a call from your form to the Qualifio’s script.


How to connect the coregistration?

Recover data from deleted fields

If you delete a field of your form during a campaign, the data collected from this field will remain available in the stats. These data will appear grayed but won’t be deteled anymore.

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How to recover data from deleted fields?

Connect Qualifio with KRUX

In order to follow the global strategy of data collection and segmentation, Qualifio is now connected the DMP KRUX.
This integration allows us to push all the data connected via the Qualifio campaigns directly into the DMP, in real time. This concerns all data collected in the forms but also the answers in the questionnaires in anonymous or identified campaigns.

If you are interested in this integration, or with another DMP, contact us!

If you want to know more about DMP’s check this great article from Digiday


Admin features :

SSO variables : closed lists

If you use SSO variables in Qualifio, no need to introduce these manually when you create a new field in your form. Create all your SSO variables in the parameters of your account and just select the ones you need in your form.

Templates per website

A new feature very handy for the big accounts with multiple websites. The templates can now be linked to websites. It means that if your account contains multiple brands, the users who only have access to one website will only be able to see the templates linked to this website. Warning, you will need to select the websites in the parameters. If no site is selected, the template will be available on all sites by default.

How to manage access to my templates?

Other features :

New design for the checkboxes and radio buttons.

All the checkboxes and radio buttons have been reworked in order to give them a better and more dynamic look and feel.


Random order for elements in a battle

Previously, the elements in competition in a battle were displayed in the same order in which they were inserted in the manager. They are now displayed randomly by default. This will help you create more dynamic battles! Of course, the “ordered” mode remains accessible.

social media battle


What is Qualifio?

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