Mother’s Day marketing tips for the beauty sector


We know that “everyday’s Mother’s Day” (yes, motherhood is probably the hardest job in the world), but it is also a fantastic opportunity to boost sales with strong and creative marketing ideas. Most women appreciate receiving cosmetic products and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to offer beauty prizes. Besides, we could never say no to more brand engagement. Is your brand part of the beauty sector? Try these 5 Mother’s Day marketing tips:

Personality test: The perfect present

Use a personality test to make a tailor-made gift suggestion to suit the participant’s mother’s taste. Help make your customer’s buying decision a little easier by presenting them with the ideal gift!

beauty perso test

Instant win: Gift voucher

Create an instant win campaign and collect data in exchange of a gift voucher for this special day.

instant win beauty

Quizz: The real fan

Spot the real fans in your audience with a chrono quizz. Ask the participants: How well do you know our products? If they perform well, they could win your latest life-changing moisturizer!

beauty chrono quizz

Instant win: Gift pack

Less is more: an instant win campaign to win a gift box full of branded products. No need to shop till they drop! They don’t even have to choose; they just need to fill the form to try and win a perfect all-in-one gift pack.

beauty box

Spot the difference

This famous game is a nice interactive format, especially if you have great visuals as beauty brands have most of the time. Create a contest and dare your audience to find the difference between two images.

Spot the difference


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