Collect feedback on your editorial strategy

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How can the performance of your editorial choices be assessed? You might get some data thanks to your analytics but the hardest part always seems to be to appraise the emotional factor: does your audience enjoy your content? For example, traffic could be due to a great catchphrase, while the content itself might disappoint the person who reads it. That’s why getting feedback from your audience can play a major role in terms of content optimisation.

Why does feedback matter?

Your customers are your most valuable source of information and the time is always right to start building a relationship with them. Asking them to give you some feedback in a quick, easy way will require active listening. Then it will also allow you to align your editorial policy according to your customers’ wants and needs.

Towards an agile content strategy?

Basically, we’re talking about producing a lot of content, collect feedback, and then position yourself based on the results obtained. Applying this 3-step method will bring your content marketing closer to “agile” development strategies and alike.

Moreover, we know that customers who feel like they’re being heard are more likely to stay loyal to the concerned business or brand (yours!) These are all good reasons to ask your audience for their opinion.

How to get feedback on your content with Qualifio


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