Facebook: What should we take from April 30's F8?

Facebook F8 – What’s new for Marketers?

Facebook’s F8 revealed its fair share of new features during the most recent session on 30 April. What important points should we take from it? In one word: Mobile!

A “Like” button on mobile apps

A “like” specific for mobile devices should be released in the next few weeks, initially for iOS users.

Up to now, it was possible to share content via the traditional “like” button. It will now be possible to share, for example, an article contained in an application! Was there content on Flipboard you liked? Share it! This feature should come out in the next few weeks, according to Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Directror of Strategic Partnerships.

The App Link

Developers will also be thrilled to learn about the release of app links, or how to integrate deep links between apps. A link in an app (a link to Amazon from the app Shazam, for example) will allow a fluid browsing experience. Using these links should become as natural as it’s currently the case between websites.

Facebook Connection

Facebook wishes to put an end to users’ worries about the collection of data and is announcing several new features to this end, in particular relating to Facebook Connect.

It will firstly be possible to choose the information to share on the spot when you create an account.

Another important point is anonymous identification. This is the possibility of logging into an application without sharing your personal information with the app’s developers. If the user decides to keep the application in question, he will have to agree to hand over some personal information concerning him.

Other new features:

FbStart: A start-up aid with the program fbstart, offering several levels of support (“footstrap” track and “accelerate” track).

Message Dialog: Facebook is to offer the possibility of using Facebook Messenger with third party applications thanks to Message Dialog.

Facebook Audience Network (FAN): This is the name of the new Facebook mobile advertising platform. More details to follow soon!


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