Create your prediction campaigns for Euro 2016

In terms of traffic and engagement on the web, the advantage of creating interactive content related to Euro 2016 is beyond dispute (if you still happen to be unconvinced, here are 5 very valid reasons).

The initial choice that needs to be made before creating a Qualifio campaign is what format to use. In this article, we are going to focus on the prediction format, which is tailored perfectly to sport and above all ideal for developing loyalty and proposing actions over longer periods:

Predictions are simple quizzes that allow us to define the correct answers after the event. They can be used to predict the results of a match, the players who will be on the field, or a host of other aspects of the tournament, such as the first team to be eliminated, the overall top goal scorer or quite simply the eventual winners.

Prediction is just one of the interactive formats that you can use on your Facebook page or website for Euro 2016.

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