How to create great interactions on Pinterest

Pinterest: Over 150 million active visitors

With over 150 million active visitors, Pinterest is a marketing channel you shouldn’t overlook! Initially geared towards women, the platform is gaining more and more male users.

According to a study by Shareaholic, Pinterest is responsible for 5% of worldwide traffic on the web and one in 4 companies can be found on the platform.

Those are the kinds of numbers to make you starry-eyed. But how can interaction be created and Pinterest users directed to your website?

Are interactive formats possible on Pinterest?

The answer is yes. Pinterest’s pins are linked to web pages. A simple click on the pin directs the user to the source website or page of the image. This means they can be directed to interactive content such as quizzes, surveys, polls, etc.

The practical steps

    • Prepare your campaign in Qualifio and choose “mini-site” as your publishing channel
    • Open Pinterest and click on the option “Pin from a website”
    • Enter the link of the mini-site
    • Select the image

Tip: If you don’t like the image suggested by Pinterest, simply select “Import a pin”, which lets you choose an image from your own computer. Then just use the link of the mini-site in your description and it’s job done!

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Encourage clicks!

It’s important to make it clear to the user that by clicking on your pin, they will be redirected to a contest. This can be done by adding some copy to the visual.


App & desktop differences

Pinterest is available on desktop and mobile versions. In the first case, the link opens in a new tab. On the mobile app, used by 75% of Pinterest users, the link opens in a browser in app, which allows visitors to access the page without exiting Pinterest. So please be sure to test your campaign on both platforms to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Some other examples of the Pinterest browser in app :


  • Is your business on Pinterest ? 


What is Qualifio?

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