More content, less ads: The case for content marketing

More content, less ads!

People are becoming more and more reluctant to online advertising. That is the least one can say, in light of the current success of ad blockers. In fact, this reality led us to wonder to what extent this type of software programs would be a reason for investing in content.

Ad campaigns are no longer enough

… And one of the alternatives is self-evident, some would argue: content. Content indeed has many benefits to show for. Among other things: it’s less intrusive, it’s subtler and it’s trustable. Which is why a lot of Belgian brands have moved to content marketing.

Advertisers are currently seeking new, ingenious ways to reach consumers. One way they can do that is through interactive content. It helps brands complete two main objectives: audience engagement and data collection, two of the most sought-after benefits.

Let’s have a look at a concrete example:

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to collaborate with, a website dedicated to the state of digital in Belgium. Together, we created and published a great quiz on the digital news of 2016. The average time spent on this interaction was 3,3 minutes.

What does it mean concretely?

We have a situation that is mutually beneficial:

  • Advertisers get an increased and optimised exposure time. It is about the certainty that their content is viewed (since it is not impacted by ad blockers), but not only. Each participant took on average 3 minutes to complete our digital quiz. So, that means they spent 3 minutes in a branded environment, paying attention and interacting with our content.
  • Consumers no longer feel like they are bombarded by advertisements. They often regard online ads as useless, boring, or even irrelevant. Conversely, content allows you to propose an interactive, entertaining, non-invasive experience.

It’s kind of a win-win!

As a conclusion…

Using traditional online advertising alone isn’t cutting it anymore. But that doesn’t mean you should ban those formats from you digital strategy altogether. What if the key was to combine advertising with interactive content? Interactive marketing campaigns may help you stand out amongst your audience and draw their attention. But they also open up many possibilities in terms of data collection, profile qualification and retargeting.


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