Advertising on Facebook: Easily calculate your return on investment

Facebook Ads: Can’t do without them?

In March 2015, Facebook announced that it had reached the milestone of 2 million active Facebook Ad creators on its platform. These ads have become almost indispensable, as the organic reach of Facebook posts declines. Ads help you reach a wider audience and target certain profiles more precisely (age, gender, interests, etc.). Despite the apparent simplicity of the tool (Facebook Ads Manager), it is quite easy to get lost and to waste a lot of time and money in Facebook Ads. So measuring the return on investment is essential.

  • Do you know your ideal media budget to be spent on Facebook? Should you increase it or decrease it?
  • How many clicks actually lead to a conversion?
  • How much does a conversion on your website really cost?

The Facebook pixel is one of various solutions for evaluating your advertising strategy on Facebook and then improving it.

  • How often are you using Facebook Ads?

What is a Facebook conversion pixel?

A conversion pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that’s inserted in the pages of your website. This code places an invisible 1 x 1 pixel image on your website, which sends a message to Facebook when a person visits the page or carries out an action via the platform. You can insert these pixels on any page you wish to monitor.

The point of this conversion pixel is to analyse the results of Facebook Ads, so it’s possible to place a pixel on a download confirmation page for a white paper or on the “Thank You” page for a contact form.

Once it’s linked to a Facebook ad, it can be used to analyse an ad’s effectiveness directly from Facebook Ads Manager.

  • How many people actually downloaded the white paper after clicking on your ad?
  • And how many of them clicked on it but didn’t download the document?
  • How much does the downloading of a white paper cost you?
  • What is the most effective ad?
  • Should you change the text of an ad with a low conversion rate?

You can place this conversion pixel wherever you like, i.e. on any screen of a Qualifio campaign. If you’re using Facebook Ads to activate your campaign, a conversion pixel on the exit screen will let you know exactly which ad generated any full participation, as well as the acquisition cost for a new participant.

  • Did you already use Facebook tracking pixels?

How to create a conversion pixel in Qualifio?

It is quite easy and you can do it directly from your Facebook Ads Manager. Check this quick guide:

Once this pixel code is generated you can simply paste it in any Qualifio screen via the “source-view” in the text area.


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