New: Discover our ideas for Summer 2022

As we enter our second summer in the pandemic context, many industries are reviving, travel is allowed again and several sporting and cultural events are taking place in 2021 — so many reasons to get inspired and prepare your marketing strategy.

To engage your audience, collect data and increase your brand visibility, create interactive content! Discover in this ebook 15 inspirational campaign ideas that will help you make a difference this summer.

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Here is an overview of the campaigns you will find in the ebook:

World music day

World music day, on June 21, celebrates music in all its forms. For this day, we have imagined an epic 90s music quiz, you should absolutely try. In this game, you need to guess the songs based on their initials. Try the live campaign right here! You can also get inspired by the French radio station NRJ and its All-Star Challenge.

P.S. To create this game, we used the instant check feature, more info right here.

The beer quiz

As terraces and bars are reopening this summer, celebrate international beer day on August 6 by creating a quiz with instant check! Challenge your audience’s knowledge and see if they find the correct association between the beer and its country. This campaign is a great opportunity for FMCG brands to offer beers to the winners in exchange for their data.


You can also get inspired by Bruggeman’s catcher promoting the Batida de Côco cocktail. The product was highlighted in many ways: participants needed to move a Batida glass to collect coconuts, and the cocktail was also displayed in the background.


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