The coming weeks promise to to be full of political twists and turns. Numerous countries are going to hold political elections in the near future: from the United States to France, to Austria, Bulgaria or The Netherlands… Why not seize this opportunity to engage with your audience?

The future of marketing might be all about content, but you sometimes lack inspiration… Honestly, we’ve all been there. Need some help coming up with valuable content ideas for your website or your blog? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Discover our 15 creative examples of interactive marketing campaigns to run before, during or after the election period.

Before the elections

The run-up to the elections is always full of surprises and thus opportunities to create content that will engage, or at least entertain your audience. In order to do that, invite them to play a memory game in which they have to match each political candidate with their party. Or, you could also ask them to make a Team selector and put together their ideal government, as the example shows hereunder:

Compose your ideal government

A more classic example would be to create a poll and ask your audience who they plan on voting for. That way, you can see what the voting intentions are among your audiences. Personality tests always offer a wide range of possibilities too. They can be made for fun (“What type of voter are you?”) or have a more serious purpose, such as in the case of a political test that helps your audience decide what party they should vote for. Take a look at this one:

During the election period

We have plenty of ideas that can be exploited throughout the whole election period. For example, we love a good “Guess the word” game. It happens to be the perfect format to dare your audience to recognize a not-so-famous political candidate (yeah, every country has one!)

What about good old quizzes? We thought about the following ideas:

  • A “Who’s who?” type of quiz would be super-easy to make. Create open-ended questions, so that the participants really get challenged. That way, they’d have to type in the political figure’s name. (This does not take away the possibility to help them with a clue though!)
  • A “Sudden death” knowledge quiz about our political system and institutions. The “one mistake and you’re out” principle underlying this type of quiz makes it both addictive and challenging!
  • A “Who said what?” kind of game is a fun alternative too. Select the most shocking sentences or the most unlikely announcements that were made during the election period and let your audience guess who it was coming from. Spice up the whole thing by adding a time limit to each question! Check out this awesome example by the daily newspaper De Standaard. (They totally have the interactive political news thing figured out!)

elections-example-Trump of Tarantino?

We also came up with the idea of a ranking campaign in which your audience could literally rank political figures in order of preference or simply choose the “best president of all times”.

Last but not least, what about a battle between candidates? See what it could look like here:

After the elections

Just because the elections are over, it doesn’t mean all the fun has to end. Now that a new political figure has been elected, there are still tons of things you can propose to your audience. For example, what are the topics they wish the priority would go to? Let them voice their opinion through a checklist gathering a series of political issues, such as in the following campaign:

You are the kind of person who would rather to build on user generated content? Whether you want to go for a writing, a video or a photo contest, we have ideas for you!

Feeling like creating a writing contest? Create a campaign in which participants have to write an open letter to the newly elected political figure. Then, let them share their letter with their Facebook friends to increase your chances of going viral!

If you’re more of a video contest fan, you can use the exact same idea. Organise a competition wherein your audience has to record video messages to their favourite personality —which could be the winner of the elections or, why not, the defeated candidate.

Finally, you could also create a photo contest that would allow the participants to turn themselves into a president. This can be done thanks to one of our newest formats: the photo editor, which offers the possibility to customize a photo by adding whatever visual elements you want to it (a frame, a logo, a flag, a mustache etc.)