Summer is drawing to a close. As you leave behind the holidays, warm weather and fun with family and friends, we have gathered our favourite interactive marketing campaigns launched by our users in August — the occasion to get a good dose of sunshine before back-to-school

1. Air Caraïbes’ festival photo contest

The French airline Air Caraïbes decided to honour the trendiest festival outfits by launching a photo contest with flight tickets up for grabs. Travellers were encouraged to share a photo of their outfit and vote for their favourite style. An easy-to-implement campaign with a desirable prize to increase motivation to participate! 


2. Efteling’s roller coaster quiz

International Roller Coaster Day is celebrated on August 16. To mark the occasion, the amusement park Efteling launched a sound quiz to test their audience’s knowledge of roller coasters.

Participants had to listen to different sounds and associate them with the right roller coaster. Each correct answer earned them 7 points and the chance to win an overnight stay or tickets!


3. Picard’s summer ice creams

A battle is the best format for quickly gathering your consumers’ opinions on the products of your choice. Knowing that, Picard Surgelés launched a battle on their summer ice creams and invited consumers to vote for their favourite by clicking on it. And to encourage consumers to vote, Picard discount vouchers worth €100 were up for grabs!


4. Unilever’s summer wheel of fortune

This summer, Unilever Spain’s objective was to increase the number of subscriptions to their newsletter. To boost this number, the brand commercialising brands such as Knorr or Carte d’Or launched a wheel of fortune with vouchers to be won. Before spinning the wheel, a form was displayed to allow participants to enter their contact details and subscribe to Unilever’s newsletter to stay informed of future campaigns. A campaign that perfectly combines business with pleasure!


5. Tottenham’s team selector

And we close this article with a sports campaign. The football club Tottenham launched a team selector for their match against Manchester United. The game, branded EA 2024, invited fans to vote for their starting 11 and see who the most popular players were. The club also took the opportunity to collect first-party data by including a form in their team selector.


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