Not yet on holiday? Well, we’ve got just the article you’ll want to read in the meantime! Short, easy to read and inspiring. Here are five interactive marketing campaigns with a touch of summer made by five different brands with engagement and data collection objectives.

LolaLiza’s campaign – Where is Miranda?

The brand launched a campaign based on the famous “Where’s Wally?” game, with a trip to New York up for grabs! To play, participants had to find the brand’s four fashionistas as quickly as possible on a map representing New York. 

In 3 weeks, 6,020 participants played the LolaLiza campaign. A successful campaign in terms of recruitment as 4,288 of them were new users. 


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Nestlé’s campaign – Vote for your favourite recipe

What better way to find out your audience’s preferences than with a battle? So Nestlé decided to ask for their consumer’s favourite recipe in exchange for ten barbecues to be won. At the end of the battle, they displayed a link to their website, “Croquons La Vie”, and all their barbecue recipes.

What about you? Do you prefer soybean skewers with ginger, or beef skewers with honey and ketchup?


Unilever’s campaign – Play the iced memory game!

Ice cream and a polaroid to immortalise your summer, what more could you ask for? For their brand FRIGO®, who sell the famous Cornetto or Calippo ice creams, Unilever Spain decided to keep their audience engaged by launching a memory game. Users had to find pairs of identical cards presenting FRIGO® ice creams. 

This is an ideal way to showcase their products while giving away nice prizes, in this case, Polaroid cameras!


IKEA’s campaign – Living Room Run 

Have you seen IKEA’s latest commercial, Let play unwind your mind? In this ad, we see a mom who is overwhelmed while working from home. She’s then cheered up with a ping pong ball thrown to her by her partner. Then, the whole family starts to play and have fun, forgetting about the tensions of homeworking and everything else. 

Through this ad, IKEA invites users to relax through play because it’s essential for their well-being. And they have taken this concept a step further by launching an online runner game. They took the same protagonist as their ad and challenged users to catch ping pong balls while avoiding computers and to-do lists for a chance to win €500 vouchers.


The game was displayed on a dedicated page, allowing users to choose between playing to unwind their mind or finding inspiration in IKEA’s catalogue to avoid the stresses of adulting. A smart campaign involving all their channels! 


Daikin’s campaign – What is the Daikin effect for you?

This summer, the leader supplier of heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions, Daikin, decided to offer their help to consumers, whether it be: 

  1. Finding the right solution for their situation
  2. Looking for products and information about prices
  3. Receiving advice from a Daikin expert

For each of these needs, Daikin created a dedicated personality test with branching, adapting the test to participant answers. At the end of the test, they displayed useful links to their website, blog and different magazines.


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