Here we go again! The end of the month means a new article about the campaigns created by our users that have stood out this month. Take a look at these brilliant ideas and be inspired for your next interactive marketing campaigns!

1. Valencia CF & Vueling’s quiz

Valencia CF & Vueling airline launched a quiz for children aged 6 and 11, and it was a great success 🤩

The challenge was tofind the different Vueling destinations hidden in the tickets with 3 letters and a map as a clue. Participants had to find the answer in as little time as possible to win a seat for the SCORTKIDS experience with Vueling at the VCF-Sevilla FC match! 

To register for the big draw, participants had to fill out a form with their contact details. And as Valencia CF & Vueling don’t do things by halves, they also put a button on the exit screen to allow participants to share the quiz on Facebook, giving them an extra chance for the draw!

Valencia CF & Vueling's quiz

2. Tottenham HotSpur’s team selector 

Tottenham Hotspur launched a team selector at the start of the 2022/23 season, so fans could build and share their dream team. Partnering with EA Sports, fans could choose their ultimate starting XI ahead of every game of the season.

With versions available for the men’s and women’s first team, once fans have selected their team, they can then arrange them into their preferred position. At the end of the campaign they put a form and a button for participants to share the line-up on social media.

Tottenham HotSpur's team selector
Tottenham Hotspur - exit screen

3. AG Insurance’s jackpot

Yongo, AG Insurance’s platform that enables parents to save or invest for their child, launched a jackpot with lucky eggs with several prizes up for grabs: vouchers, discounts for the Yongo platform, entrance tickets to one of Belgium’s amusement parks, etc. 

Participants had to activate a machine slot and hope to get three identical eggs to be one of the lucky winners.

To drive traffic to their website, they also put a button at the end of the campaign to redirect participants. Clever, isn’t it?

AG insurance's jackpot

4. LolaLiza’s wheel of fortune

LolaLiza launched a 100% winning Easter wheel of fortune! Participants had to spin the wheel to see what the Easter bunny had in store for them. The biggest prize? A €100 discount voucher in LolaLiza’s e-shop. 

As all participants were winners, LolaLiza limited the number of spins to once a day per participant.

GIF LolaLiza's wheel of ortune

5. Picard SurgelĂ©’s Easter 360° contest

And last but not least, Picard SurgelĂ©’s egg hunt! Picard SurgelĂ© launched this campaign to offer a 360° contest to their members. Amazing, right? From 27 March to 2 April, participants had to find three hidden eggs with three associated codes on three different channels:

📱Social media 

Once the egg and the code were found, they had to enter it in a dedicated campaign. There were 10 Easter meals to be won, worth €100 each, to spend on the special Easter menu. It was a great success and many participants were taken back to childhood as a total of 44,097 people took part in the egg hunt!

Picard Surgelé's Easter 360° contest

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