The month of love is over, but we want to take a look back at our favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns! 💕 So, discover five interactive campaigns created by our users in February to spread love, to engage their audience and to collect first- and zero-party data.  

1. Lancôme’s e-love calendar

Lancôme has launched the “e-love calendar” for Valentine’s Day and we really like this campaign full of love and surprises! From February 1st to 14th, customers had the opportunity to win a Lancôme product every day 🤩 

With this calendar, Lancôme promoted their products to their customers and retained them by bringing them back to their website every day for 14 days! And do you know the best part? The calendar format allows you to choose the type of reward or content you want to offer your customers: a compliment, a sample, a promo code, an exclusive content and much more! 

Picture Lancôme's e-love calendar

2. Nescafé Gold’s bubble puzzle

Everyone loves puzzles! Nescafé Gold seized the opportunity by creating an interactive campaign with a puzzle. How does it work? Participants have to rebuild the original image in a minimum of time. 

Through the participation form, Nescafé collected zero-party data about their consumers’ favourite type of coffee and where they live. This campaign is therefore an excellent way to get to know them better!

The top prize? A night in a bubble under the stars with your other half for Valentine’s Day. To make the day of love last a little longer, Nescafé kept the competition open for 20 days after Valentine’s day (yes, that long!).

Picture Nescafé Gold's puzzle

3. René Furterer’s personality test

What could be better than giving a gift tailored to the personality and desires of your loved one? René Furterer has set up a personality test to find the perfect gift adapted to the specificity of each person’s hair! 

With this personality test, customers can discover the profile that matches them and René Furterer can get to know their customers better. 

Picture René Furtere's personality test

Picture René Furterer's personality test

4. Adopt’s wheel of love

Adopt launched a wheel of fortune full of love. The principle is simple: participants have to spin the wheel to find out what they can win. Of course, they get the answer immediately! 

In this campaign, participants had the opportunity to win one year of perfume, enough to smell good all year round. A simple and fun format to entertain your audience and promote your products.

Picture la rueda del Amor

5. Walibi’s swap & match 

Last but not least, Walibi Holland’s amazing Valentine’s Day swap & match! Participants had to swap objects to make a row or a column of at least three identical objects. Like Candy Crush, the more objects they match, the more points they get.

What’s up for grabs? During the 10 days counting up to Valentine’s day, participants could win tickets for Walibi Holland or an overnight stay at Walibi Village. A nice idea to have a great time celebrating the day of love! 

✨ Want to reproduce this brilliant idea? This game is available via our advanced formats add-on. Contact us for more information!

Picture Walibi's swap & match
Image Walibi's swap & match

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