In recent months, our teams at Qualifio have been working hard to make our solutions even more granular and robust, all while improving the user experience. We’ve launched new prize management features, improved the duplication of campaigns, got a new address autocomplete integration and shipped under-the-hood improvements (including for instant win contests and user login history).

To help you use Qualifio in the best way possible, we want to fill you in on these updates. Here are some of our favourites we’d like to highlight today!

📣 Webinar with Qualifio’s Product team, now available on demand ✨

Watch our product webinar below and experience a deep dive into the magic of the newest releases for both our Engage and Loyalty modules, guided by product experts. Plus, see what product changes are coming up in the next few months!

So what’s new? Let’s take a closer look.

Simpler and smarter: improvements to the prize management 🎯

New interface to centralise prize management for campaign creators🕵️‍♀️

We have made some adjustments to the steps of the campaign editor. The new step dedicated to prize management is easy to scan to help you find what you’re looking for, faster. Your prizes, their states, and the prize calendar are all right there, in a new step. A well-deserved facelift!

Introducing: 100% winning contests 😊

We’ve heard from our clients that it’s sometimes difficult to increase audience engagement around their contests. Many consumers don’t engage with contests thinking that the odds of winning are too small to make it worth interacting with your brand. We’ve heard you and we’ve fixed that for you. Our solution to this problem? Prizes that never run out.

With “unlimited prizes”, you can create instant win games where everyone – yes, everyone – wins something. This solves the engagement problem by increasing participation rates and providing marketers with rich qualitative data.

Got an instant win you want to tweak? Read How to create “everyone’s the winner” contests.

Say hello to prize allocation based on probabilities 👀

Qualifio now offers a new method to allocate prizes in an instant win campaign. Set the odds of winning and give participants a chance to win a prize instantly.

ℹ️ The feature in detail
There’s more to this feature than we covered in this update. Read our in-depth help article to learn how the probabilities work and all the extra nifty features it boasts.

Converting participants into customers just got easier 🤟🏼

You may be spending time and money to drive participation to your marketing contests and data collection campaigns, but this kind of traffic doesn’t necessarily lead to sales. Yet the success of your business is directly dependent on leveraging those participations to generate more revenue.

One way of converting more participants is to incorporate coupon codes into your strategy. Therefore, an entirely new feature in Qualifio Engage is the ability to offer discount codes to winners. You can now actually distribute unique codes as prizes. Participants can then redeem their discount or gift directly on your e-commerce website or physical store. Smart? We think so.

P.S. Did you know you can create a code list directly in Qualifio?

Provide a personalised experience to winners 📩

With our latest update to Qualifio, you can now leverage data, such as the prize’s name or image, directly in your campaign to create truly personalised winner messages.

We’ve launched new dynamic variables, which marketers can insert into the exit screen (or email) to easily leverage information stored within the prize management system.

Other notable improvements 🆕

You may think that seems like quite a lot of new stuff, so that’s a nice treat. But hey, there’s even more:

  • Prizes in surveys and checklists: prizes are now supported in all types of campaigns. Any format can be turned into a contest (if you want it to).
  • Duplication of prizes: there’s no need to start from scratch when creating a contest. It can be duplicated with the exact same settings, with or without the design options. Also, instant win games now get copied, too.
  • Welcome screen no longer required: a small but mighty update for instant win games (wheel of fortune and jackpot).

New partner integration: adding address autocomplete to your forms with DQE 🤩

The “address filling” part of forms can be tiresome and annoying to participants. Save time, prevent typing errors and collect accurate addresses using our native integration with DQE Address.

When a participant enters their address in your form, the integration will present a list of address suggestions. Participants will only have to select their address and the connector will automatically populate the related fields.

Once set up, you can use it every time you need to create a new form.

Note: You need a DQE subscription in order to use this integration. Interested to learn about the benefits? Reach out now.

Get started in minutes with new templates ☀️

Templates are pre-built campaign designs crafted by our experts so you can save time and get started with your campaign even faster. We have added three summer templates for campaigns and minisites, and we’ll be cooking up more soon!

Time savers & improvements 📢

  • Filtering participant uploads: apply the filters for the specific files you want to export, then download filtered data only. Ideal for photo and video contests!
  • Checking user login history: view all logins for your organisation from up to 90 days back. You can find this feature under “Manage users” > “Logs”.

5 new features for effective loyalty programs

Qualifio Loyalty is jam-packed with a bunch of helpful new features, too. Here they are:

Easily track your performance with the dashboard ☝🏼

Because sometimes, you just need to see your data in a chart.

Can’t wait to dig into insights once the loyalty program is live? The new dashboard helps you and your team to see the big picture and dive into the performance data to understand how your audience segments contributed to your loyalty program – all while staying on the platform!

Reward members who engage with your brand ⭐️

While it may seem obvious, your loyalty program should not be just about rewarding customers for purchases. One essential trait of a good loyalty program is the ability to reward members with points for social media interactions, contest participation, registration, email engagement, etc.

Do you want actions made on your website or anywhere outside of Qualifio to trigger earning rules in your loyalty program? Our new feature makes it possible to listen for events from external software and seamlessly assign points to members based on that activity.

Connect a loyalty membership account to Instagram and Facebook 💯

A loyalty program is an excellent way to gain audience insights while rewarding your most engaged fans. Reward Facebook and Instagram engagement, such as points for each mention or comment on your posts.

Get more sales with customer referrals 🙏🏼

E-commerce referral programs are a great way to increase highly qualified traffic to your online store and scale your business. According to Jay Baer, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people that they know.

Get people to refer a friend to your store with our e-commerce referral program! With this new easy-to-configure option, you can do things like reward both the referrer and the referee with 150 loyalty points.

Create accounts for members through API 🔥

Migrating from a different loyalty program? We now offer an API to create new members and enrol them into Qualifio.

This API also lets you reward members with points before they actually log in to your program for the first time.

Getting excited? So are we.

New guides and practical articles available 🎓

Here are a few favourites:

There you go; a bundle of new features and improvements to help you grow passionate communities. Enjoy the updates!

What’s next? 👏🏼

Here’s a sneak peek at a few features that we will be launching over the coming months.

Tag Library: control the use of cookies throughout your campaigns ✅

One of our major goals for 2022 is to keep building a platform that helps clients ensure their data is compliant with the latest regulations. We’re currently working on a wide project related to participant tracking configuration. On one hand, Admin will be able to keep things neat and under control, while on the other campaign creators will still be able to use trusted tags as part of their campaigns.

Create catcher games and more directly on the platform 🕹️

User feedback and requests continue to guide us in building Qualifio. One thing that clients have articulated to us is the ability to build various types of campaigns. Indeed, it’s crucial to adapt new formats throughout the year! This aspect is currently being tackled by our team, opening up new possibilities to surprise your audience with gamified content such as the catcher game.

Loyalty: kicking our integration capabilities up a notch ✨

Finally, we are continuing to invest heavily in Qualifio Loyalty. The next evolutions will make it possible for you to

  • receive real-time notifications about events that happen in your loyalty program: it’ll be easier for you to send targeted communications without having to worry about timing;
  • easily monitor incoming events: ultimately, we want to ensure that you can quickly set up integrations and test the receiving of events that occurs in a third-party application.

We have some exciting product updates coming up and are so glad that you’re here along for the journey!

And as always, if you have any questions about these or Qualifio in general, please get in touch.