Let’s imagine the following scenario:
You are looking for some garden furniture and subscribe to the newsletter of a major furniture store chain. Within a few weeks, you have already received five e-mails from the store, but four of them are about bathrooms… This is a typical error caused by a lack of data qualification. So how can this problem be easily rectified? Gamification is a common pretext for collecting information. Thanks to multiple actions over the long term, a business can gradually gather more and more detailed info on web users and propose personalised marketing actions.
You will find below five campaign ideas for the furniture / décor sector which can be deployed on your website, your Facebook page or a dedicated mini-site.

1. Personality test:

What piece of furniture are you? Don’t hesitate to add a few of your own products to the test’s exit screen, since if they’re well-chosen and tailored to the questionnaire’s results, this boosts the conversion rate.


2. Battle:

With Euro 2016 fast approaching, the French home furnishings firm But has launched its “Sofa Team Vs Soccer Team?” campaign. The question is being asked in the Battle format, after which the winner will be chosen via a draw from among the entrants.


3. Photo contest

Post the best photo of your interior to win gift cards.


4. Couponing operation

Sometimes it’s the simplest operations that are most effective. Just offer coupons in exchange for a subscription to your newsletter, or to a partner’s newsletter using the co-registration functions.
Variation: Offer a limited number of coupons on a first come, first served basis.

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5. Best product of the month

Each month, you can suggest that people take part in a poll on your latest products. Use the results to help promote the winning product and pick one winning participant per month from those who voted for the chosen item.