From September 8th to October 28th 2023, France will be hosting the 10th edition of the Rugby World Cup. With over 400 million unique viewers, 600,000 foreign visitors expected, the event being broadcast in 223 countries, and with teams competing from all over the world, the France 2023 Rugby World Cup promises to be the major sporting event of 2023!


To mark the occasion, World Rugby, the sport’s international federation, has entrusted the organisation of the event to the France 2023 Organisation Committee, who will be in charge of:

  1. Preparing, financing and organising the competition;
  2. Enhancing and promoting France’s image internationally;
  3. Promoting the competition on all communication channels;
  4. Entertaining members of the 2023 Family, the competition’s official membership program.

In order to meet these goals, France 2023 have decided to use different tools in the run up to the competition, including Qualifio.

We focused mainly on engaging our audience. For two years, we’ve regularly been entertaining them to keep them on their toes until kick-off, and that’s where we’ve been using Qualifio.

Alexis Durand CRM project manager @ France 2023

Qualifio enables them to engage the France 2023 community thanks to interactive formats, and to get the 2023 Family ready for this world-class event. In this success story, we’ll be showing you the different marketing actions that France 2023 have set up with Qualifio to prepare for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and get closer to their community.

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